Olam Job Openings: Opportunities in Kano, Kwara, Lagos

Olam Nigeria Limited dey located for Lagos, Nigeria, and e be part of the Farm Support Services Industry.

Olam Nigeria Limited get 3,000 workers for this place and dem dey generate $222.01 million for sales (USD). Dem get offices and units for all di geopolitical zones for Naija, Olam get better network of farmers, suppliers, wholesalers, local buying agents (LBAs) o, customers o, and people wey dey provide service tanda. Today, dis network get about 500,000 farmers and e don create plenty jobs wey no dey direct.

Dem dey find people to occupy dis position:

Job Title: Chief Engineer

Location: Ilorin, Kwara

Type of Work: Full-time


Job Description

Di Chief Engineer go dey responsible for all di Engineering work for every site for di company.

E go make sure say di plant dey work well by making sure say dem dey maintain am well.

E go report to di VP-Engineering and also dey report to di Plant Managers of di Feed mill & Soy Crush plant.


Key Tasks

  • E go give technical support to di onsite engineering team wen dem need am.
  • E go make sure say safety dey all di sites.
  • E go set goals and strategies for di department.
  • E go make sure say dem dey do maintenance so dat di equipment dey always dey work.
  • E go make sure say dem meet all di targets like Power, steam and R&M cost. E go also try to make sure say dem improve OEE, MTTR and MTBF.
  • E go manage di engineering store and everything wey dey inside like engineering spare parts & equipment wey dem dey use.
  • E suppose sabi project management, planning, negotiation and e fit make good commercial decisions. E fit also arrange which one dey more important.
  • E suppose sabi di plant utilities like steam boiler, air compressor, Genset, water treatment plant, fire protection system, etc.
  • E suppose get small idea about electrical and instrumentation (if e be person wey study Mechanical).
  • E suppose don get experience for leadership and management wey e take make sense. E suppose fit make better team for maintenance.
  • E suppose dey prepare budget for maintenance, and e fit make capex proposals. E suppose make sure say e dey control maintenance cost.
  • E suppose dey lead meeting every morning and e go make sure say dem do Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for any time when something spoil.
  • E go work with di procurement team so dem go fit arrange maintenance contracts for di year. Dem go agree on service, delivery time, price and performance for di equipment wey need am.
  • E go work with di procurement team so dem fit find local vendors wey go fit help dem.


Requirements / Wetin you suppose get

  • Person wey get Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical or Electrical) plus 10-15 years experience for maintenance for big manufacturing company. E suppose don work for department head for 2 to 3 years. Closing Date: No specific date.


How to Apply

If you dey interested and you qualify, follow di link below:

Click here to apply

Application Deadline: Them no say / Not Specified



2. Job Title: Regional Sales Manager

Location: Kano

Job Description

The Regional Sales Manager for PFB e dey responsible to plan & set objectives to achieve the top line and bottom line results of the Region as per the business plan within the defined budget.


For the person, e go plan and achieve the distribution and coverage objectives for the business set for the year and develop and retain a high-performance oriented team. The incumbent e go plan and execute Sales Promotional & market Development activities and make sure say any new product launches and sales distribution objectives dem dey met. Key Deliverables


The person go design and implement the regional sales plan in line with distribution segment strategy.


Him go translate the quarterly sales and revenue targets into comprehensive action plans wey ensure say dem achieve am.


Him go monitor performance against plans and targets and takes remedial action in cases of shortfalls Coordinate sales and distribution activities within the region.


Him go sabi monitor and report on competitor activities within the region and reports for action.


Him go manage, co-ordinate and support distributors New city / market / area opening – Distributor appointment / expansion Redistribution – van sales working specialist / Strong in beat planning, outlet expansion & coverage SFA working knowledge & data analysis to understand the need gap analysis and formulation an action plan Managing large local teams across particular country / region.



To get this job you suppose get:

Master’s Degree with 15-18 years of post-qualification industry experience, preferably FMCG background.


You suppose get prior experience in sales and distribution required.


How to Apply

If you sabi this work and you get the qualifications, go quick

Click here to apply online

Application Deadline: Them no say / Not Specified



3. Job Title: Branch Manager – Sesame

Location: Kano

Function: Operation Common

Sub-Function: Operation Common


Job Description / Wetin you go dey do

As Branch Manager, e dey your hand to ginger your team,  create opportunities wey dey hot, and make sure say you fit achieve and sabi the following things:

  1. To manage procurement operations wey get big volume every year.
  2. To handle complete purchase and assist with logistics for Nigeria region.
  3. To directly handle big cooperatives and suppliers. You go need to manage stakeholders, including Government relations, Buyers, and others.
  4. To find potential for the region and the market.
  5. To meet important KPIs – Volume, GC/MT, & PBT
  6. To plan and execute buying strategies wey go dey based on factory and export needs.
  7. To bring pricing ideas wey go fit market practices and make sure say dem dey cost-effective.
  8. To ensure say raw materials wey you buy get quality – make sure say na only the best materials you dey buy with better methods.
  9. To get deep understanding of products, grades, and blends from different regions.
  10. To make supply chain better for the business – be the sharpest buyer for the Industry and region, and manage operations for the highest efficiency & become the most reliable counterparty for Trade.
  11. Get better communication and negotiation skills.

Responsibilities/ Wetin you go dey do

  1. Buy/procure
  2. Develop suppliers
  3. Manage Operations and create efficiency
  4. Manage stakeholders
  5. Collaborate with your team.


How to Apply

If you dey interested and you get the qualifications, kindly apply.

Click here to apply


Application Deadline: Them no say / Not Specified



4. Job Title: Sales and Marketing Manager – Edible Oil

Location: Lagos

Type of Work: Full-time


Job Description / Wetin you go dey do

As Sales and Marketing Specialist, you dey play important role to make company make money and promote their products.

You go need skill for sales and sabi how to market to fit reach people wen go buy and become loyal customers.

Your work na to find better ways to sell and promote the company products and make sure say dem dey achieve their goals.


Strategic Effectiveness

  • You go plan and do sales strategies to make market share grow and make dem plenty money every year according to their plan (Annual Business Plan).
  • You go make sure say dem meet their targets for profit, market share, and plenty other important things.
  • You go work with important customers to make sure say dem make plenty money and both of una make sense together.
  • You go find better markets, customers wen go buy, and trends for their business.
  • You go make plan on how dem go fit sell plenty and meet their targets.
  • You go open new accounts and sell plenty of their Sesame products for Africa.
  • You go sabi wetin customer dey find for their products and fit tell dem the best product from Olam wen dem fit use.
  • You go sabi how the business works for the manufacturing part, trading, and supply chain.


Operational Effectiveness

  • You go arrange marketing campaigns and initiatives.
  • You go use many ways to market dem products, like online, social media, email, and traditional ways.
  • You go make content for marketing materials, website, and social media to make people know their brand.
  • You go watch and check how well their marketing works and make changes wey make sense.
  • You go sell to other businesses (B2B), make business grow, and manage important customers.
  • You go sell for wholesale and other ways to reach customers.
  • You go lead and manage how dem take do their business, make sure say dem get everything wen dem need.
  • You go make sure say your team dey follow their plan and sabi how their business works.
  • You go find new products wey dem fit add to their business and fit make sense for their supply chain.



  • You go like to travel and care about customer problems and also think about company profit for both sides.
  • You go get experience for work with top retailers, especially for agricultural business.
  • You go get commercial skills to make sure say the business dey make money.
  • You go sabi how to make win-win for company and customers.
  • You go get ambition for food industry career. Closing Date: No specific date.


How to Apply

If you dey interested and you qualify, follow the link below:

Click here to apply

Application Deadline: Them no say / Not Specified

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