Kaduna State ICT Scholarship At Mewar University 2023

The Kaduna State Government, aiming to develop the state into a knowledge-based economy and technology hub for Northern Nigeria, has expanded its ICT scholarship program, originally designed for girls, to include both genders.


Kaduna State is a state in Nigeria, located in the northwestern part of the country. It was created on May 27, 1967, and its capital city is Kaduna. The state is one of the major economic, cultural, and political hubs in Northern Nigeria.


Geographically, Kaduna State is diverse, with a variety of landscapes ranging from savannah grasslands to forested areas. It shares borders with several states, including Kano, Katsina, Zamfara, Niger, Kebbi, Bauchi, Plateau, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.


Kaduna State is home to a diverse population comprising various ethnic groups, including the Hausa, Fulani, Gbagyi, and others. The state is known for its rich cultural heritage, and traditional festivals and events are celebrated throughout the year.


Economically, the state plays a vital role in Nigeria’s development, with industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and services contributing to its economy. Kaduna has one of the largest and most strategic railway stations in Nigeria and serves as a major transportation and logistics hub in the region.


Education is well developed in Kaduna State, with several universities, colleges, and educational institutions offering a wide range of courses and programs.


Kaduna State has faced challenges related to security and communal conflicts, but efforts are continuously being made by the government and relevant stakeholders to address these issues and promote peace and stability in the region.


Overall, Kaduna State holds significance as a key player in Nigeria’s development and continues to grow and evolve as a vibrant and diverse state in Northern Nigeria.


This scholarship, hosted at Mewar International University in Nassarawa State and linked with Mewar University, India, covers tuition and accommodation for a four-year duration. Strong academic credentials in Science/ICT are required for applicants. The deadline for applications is August 07, 2023.


ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology. It refers to the use of technology to access, store, transmit, and manipulate information. ICT encompasses a wide range of technologies, including computers, the internet, mobile devices, software applications, and communication networks.


Importance of ICT to Students:

  1. Enhanced Learning: ICT provides access to vast amounts of information and educational resources, enabling students to learn at their own pace and explore diverse subjects beyond traditional classroom materials.
  2. Interactive Learning: ICT facilitates interactive and engaging learning experiences through multimedia presentations, educational games, and simulations, making learning more enjoyable and effective.
  3. Digital Skills: Students gain proficiency in using various digital tools and software applications, which are essential in the modern job market and everyday life.
  4. Global Connectivity: ICT connects students with peers, educators, and experts worldwide, fostering collaboration and cross-cultural understanding.
  5. Personalized Learning: ICT allows for personalized learning paths based on individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.


Importance of ICT to Society:

  1. Communication: ICT revolutionized communication by enabling instant messaging, emails, video conferencing, and social media platforms, connecting people globally.
  2. Access to Information: ICT provides easy access to vast amounts of information, empowering individuals with knowledge and promoting informed decision-making.
  3. Economic Growth: ICT plays a significant role in economic development, as it enhances productivity, streamlines processes, and fosters innovation across industries.
  4. Healthcare and Education: ICT advancements have improved healthcare services, telemedicine, and remote learning opportunities, especially in remote or underserved areas.
  5. E-Governance: ICT facilitates efficient and transparent government services, simplifying administrative processes and citizen engagement.
  6. Social Impact: ICT can address societal challenges by enabling various initiatives in areas such as poverty alleviation, disaster management, and environmental conservation.


Overall, ICT has transformed how we interact, learn, work, and communicate, making it an indispensable part of modern society and an essential tool for students to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.


Morever, Initially, the State Government launched a commendable initiative to offer scholarships exclusively for 50 young women aspiring to pursue studies in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). However, only 35 applications were received due to unforeseen circumstances.


🎓 Scholarship Offer ICT Scholarship for 50 girls expanded to all genders by Kaduna State Government
📍 University Mewar International University, Nassarawa State (linked with Mewar University, India)
📚 Field of Study Information and Communication Technology
🎁 Coverage Tuition fees & accommodation for four (4) years
📜 Eligibility 5 credits in Science/ICT, B’s in Maths & Physics, ≥180 in JAMB, Essay writing, Innovative project (advantageous)
📅 Application Deadline August 07, 2023
🖥️ Application Link http://kdsg-scholarship.com/
🌐 University Affiliation Tied to mother University in India, benefiting from its academic resources and expertise in Medical Courses & ICT


The government has taken a significant step towards inclusivity and flexibility. The Kaduna State Government ICT Scholarship, once exclusive to females, is now open to both males and females, promoting a dynamic, inclusive tech ecosystem, setting the stage for a more diverse and vibrant tech ecosystem.


Introducing an Unmissable Opportunity:

The Kaduna State Government has unveiled a golden scholarship opportunity at Mewar International University, Nassarawa State, offering not just a degree but a transformative journey. This university is not standalone; it proudly belongs to Mewar International University, India, which brings its rich legacy in medical and ICT courses, funneling academic resources and materials to benefit Nigerian students.


Scholarship Benefits:

Worried about tuition fees? No need – it’s fully covered for four years.


Accommodation concerns?

Put them to rest; it’s provided at no cost!


Are You the Perfect Candidate?


To qualify, you need:


Academic Excellence:

Achieve five credits in Science or ICT-related subjects, with B’s in both Mathematics and Physics in a single sitting.


JAMB Score:

Score a minimum of 180 points.


Essay Skills:

Showcase your writing abilities with a compulsory essay.


The X-factor:

If you have an innovative project, seize the chance; it could be your golden ticket!


Application Process:

Mark your calendars for August 07, 2023, as it’s the last chance to be part of this life-changing journey.


To apply, visit the official application portal and dive into your future with just a click.


Kaduna State is not merely participating in the ever-evolving technological arena; it’s striving to lead the way.


This scholarship opportunity not only bridges the gender gap but also fosters a stronger, tech-savvy community.


Don’t be a mere spectator; be a part of the transformative change!


Application Deadline 7th August, 2023.

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