Delta State Govt To Recruit Teachers, Clerical officers, Watchmen

Delta State Governor, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, has given approval in 22 local government council areas in the state, for the recruitment of primary school teachers, clerical officers, and watchmen.


The approval was announced by Hon. Victor Ebonka, the State Chairman of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON), during the State Joint Account Allocation Committee (JAAC) Meeting in Asaba on Friday. The recruitment process will be based on the specific needs assessment of each local government.


Similarly, Comrade Sheriff Mulade praises Delta State Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s approval for recruitment in the state’s civil service, urging a focus on rural and riverine areas.


In a separate event, the Delta State Government is considering investing in electric vehicles for mass transportation to offset the fuel subsidy removal’s impact.


Governor Oborevwori emphasizes accessible and affordable healthcare as essential for a healthy population and urges the Special Advisers to stay connected with the people and address social challenges aligned with the MORE Agenda.


In summary, recruitment approval and rural focus includes:

  • Governor Sheriff Oborevwori approved recruitment of teachers, health workers, and others into the state’s civil service.
  • Comrade Sheriff Mulade commends the decision and appeals for special attention to rural areas, especially riverine communities.


Electric Vehicles and Fuel Subsidy:

  • Delta State Government may consider investing in electric vehicles for mass transportation to mitigate the impact of fuel subsidy removal on citizens.
  • Governor Oborevwori inspects and test-drives electric vehicles presented by Ajaere Motors and Jet Motor Company at Government House, Asaba.


Accessible and Affordable Healthcare:

  • Governor Oborevwori emphasizes non-negotiable accessible and affordable healthcare for a healthy, vibrant, and productive population.
  • Delta State was the first to implement the mandatory health insurance scheme in the country, with over 1.2 million enrollees.


Special Advisers and Economic Hardship:

  • Governor Oborevwori swears in nine Special Advisers at Government House, Asaba.
  • He urges the appointees to visit constituents regularly and assist them, considering economic challenges caused by fuel subsidy removal, petrol price hikes, and devaluation of the naira.


Policy Agenda – MORE Agenda:

Governor Oborevwori encourages Special Advisers to align their efforts with his administration’s policy agenda, known as the MORE Agenda.


Understanding Fuel Subsidy

Fuel subsidy is a government policy where the government provides financial assistance to keep fuel prices lower than their market value. The purpose of fuel subsidies is to reduce the cost of transportation and energy for citizens and industries, especially in countries heavily reliant on fossil fuels.


However, fuel subsidies can be a double-edged sword. While they aim to alleviate the burden of high fuel prices on citizens, they can also lead to several negative consequences. Subsidies can strain the government’s budget, reduce funds for other essential services, promote overconsumption of fuel, and hinder the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.


To help citizens amidst fuel subsidy removal or economic challenges related to fuel prices, the government can implement various measures:


  1. Targeted Social Welfare Programs: The government can create targeted assistance programs to support vulnerable and low-income populations who may be disproportionately affected by fuel price hikes.
  2. Public Transportation Improvements: Investing in efficient and affordable public transportation systems can reduce citizens’ dependency on personal vehicles, thereby mitigating the impact of fuel price fluctuations.
  3. Subsidies on Essential Goods: If fuel subsidies are removed, the government can consider providing subsidies or price controls on essential goods to offset the potential rise in production and transportation costs.
  4. Income Support: Implementing income support mechanisms, such as direct cash transfers or unemployment benefits, can help citizens cope with economic challenges caused by fuel price increases.
  5. Energy Efficiency Incentives: Encouraging energy efficiency and renewable energy adoption through incentives and tax breaks can help citizens reduce their energy consumption and costs.
  6. Fiscal Reforms: The government can undertake fiscal reforms to diversify revenue sources and reduce reliance on fuel-related revenue. This could involve increasing taxes on luxury items or promoting economic diversification.
  7. Price Stabilization Mechanisms: The government can implement price stabilization mechanisms to moderate the volatility of fuel prices in the market.


Overall, addressing the challenges of fuel subsidy removal requires a comprehensive approach that considers the needs of citizens while also promoting sustainable and equitable economic development.


Available Positions are:

a) Primary School Teachers: We seek dedicated individuals with a passion for teaching and nurturing young minds, shaping the future of our children.


b) Clerical Officers: If you possess excellent organizational and administrative skills, this position offers a chance to provide essential support to educational authorities in respective local government councils.


c) Watchmen: Vigilant and responsible individuals are needed to ensure the safety and security of our educational facilities



a) Delta State Recruitment of Primary School Teachers: Candidates must hold relevant teaching qualifications and possess experience in teaching at the primary level.


b) Delta State Recruitment of Clerical Officers: Applicants should have a strong background in administration and office management.


c) Delta State Recruitment of Watchmen: Interested individuals must demonstrate a sense of responsibility and security awareness.


Job Role:

a) Primary School Teachers: The role of Primary School Teachers is to teach and nurture young minds in the educational setting, shaping the future of children by providing them with knowledge, skills, and guidance.


b) Clerical Officers: Clerical Officers are responsible for providing essential administrative and organizational support to the educational authorities in their respective local government councils. They handle various administrative tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of the education system.


c) Watchmen: Watchmen play a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of the educational facilities. They are vigilant and responsible individuals tasked with monitoring and safeguarding the premises to prevent unauthorized access or potential threats.


Required Qualifications

a) Primary School Teachers:

  • Candidates must hold relevant teaching qualifications, such as a degree in education or a teaching certificate.
  • Experience in teaching at the primary level is required to be eligible for the position.
  • They should have a passion for teaching and nurturing young minds, along with effective communication and interpersonal skills.


b) Clerical Officers: Qualifications:

  • Applicants should have a strong background in administration and office management.
  • They must possess excellent organizational and administrative skills to handle various tasks efficiently.
  • Familiarity with computer applications and data management is desirable.


c) Watchmen: Qualifications:

  • Interested individuals must demonstrate a sense of responsibility and security awareness.
  • They should be vigilant, trustworthy, and capable of handling security-related duties.
  • Previous experience in a security-related role may be beneficial but not always required, depending on the specific position.


How To Apply:

To apply for any of the positions, follow these steps:

a) Visit the official website of your respective Local Government Council.

b) Look for the “Recruitment” department.

c) Collect the application form for the desired position.

d) Fill in the form with accurate and up-to-date information.

e) Submit the completed application form along with any required documents to the designated address.


Closing Date:

The closing date for the application submission will vary from Council to Council.


Please submit your application before the specified deadline for your Local Government Council.


Don’t miss this chance to contribute to the growth and development of education in Delta State.


Apply now and be part of a positive change in the lives of our children. Together, we can build a bigger, better, brighter and sustainable future for our communities, localties, State, Nation and the world at large.


Good luck with your application!

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