Ongoing Protest in Oyo State: Workers Take Aggressive Action Against Non-Compliant Colleagues

Protesters from the Nigeria Labour Congress in Oyo State continued their demonstration on Tuesday, disrupting activities at the State Secretariat, Agodi. Some civil servants who did not adhere to the union’s directives to join the protest faced consequences, as they were beaten and forced out of their offices.


During the protest, a civil servant was injured when confronted by the demonstrators while trying to retrieve his belongings from his office. The aggrieved labor activists used sticks to enforce the strike action, leading to the barricading of the secretariat complex and causing disruptions to vehicular traffic in the area.

The workers’ demands include payment of leave bonuses, delayed gratuities for retirees since 2021, and the release of promotion letters for 2021 and 2022. They also allege that Governor Seyi Makinde has not met their demands. The situation remains tense as the protest continues.

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