Google Approves Naira Payment On Play Store

New Payment Option on Google Play Store for Nigerians in Naira


In an exciting collaboration, Google has teamed up with Verve to simplify digital transactions on the Google Play Store for Nigerians.


Starting today, Nigerians can conveniently use their Verve cards to make purchases on the Google Play Store. This new partnership allows Google to process Verve transactions within Nigeria, with payments being conducted in naira. Consequently, these transactions will be treated as local transactions by the country’s banking institutions.


Anthea Crawford, the Head of Retail and Payment Partnerships at Google Play, expressed her enthusiasm about the development, stating, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Verve, expanding Google Play access for more Nigerians. The introduction of local payments with Verve cards is a significant milestone, enabling more Nigerians to participate in the app economy and access the apps they need.”


Vincent Ogbunude, the Managing Director of Verve International, also shared his excitement, stating, “The integration with Google Play is a significant stride towards achieving Verve’s vision of promoting financial inclusion. We are excited to bring digital content and services closer to Verve cardholders, hence bridging the digital divide.”


With this new payment option, Google and Verve are empowering more Nigerians to participate in the digital world and have easier access to a wide range of apps and digital content. This move represents a positive step towards enhancing financial inclusion and embracing the app economy in Nigeria.

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