We’re Not Recruiting – University College Hospital, Ibadan Releases Disclaimer

The management of the University College Hospital, Ibadan releases disclaimer on purported advertised vacancies.


The disclaimer read this;


It has come to the attention of the management of the University College Hospital, Ibadan, that there is a purported advertisement for employment circulating on an unauthorized website, claiming to represent the hospital.


We want to clarify unequivocally that the University College Hospital has not issued any employment advertisement, nor has it authorized any agency to conduct recruitment on its behalf.


We strongly advise the general public to disregard this advertisement completely. Engaging with the alleged advertisers would be done at one’s own risk, and the hospital cannot be held responsible for any unfavorable consequences resulting from such interactions.


We would like to remind everyone that the University College Hospital employs only recognized and formal channels for placing advertisements. These channels include reputable national dailies and our official website.



‘Funmi Adetuyibi, Public Relations Officer.

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