Gonzaga Jesuit College Recruiting Igbo and Culture Language Teacher, Anambra State

Gonzaga Jesuit College is a boarding secondary school overseen by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), accommodating students of all religious backgrounds and beliefs.


We are currently seeking candidates to fill the following positions:


Job Title: Igbo and Culture Language Teacher


Job Location: Okija, Anambra

Job Type: Full-time


Job Description:

We are looking for a passionate and qualified Igbo and Culture Language Teacher to join our faculty. As an Igbo and Culture Language Teacher, you will nurture a deep appreciation for the Igbo language and culture among our students. Your responsibilities will include designing engaging lessons, fostering language fluency, and promoting an understanding of Igbo traditions and customs. This position offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to the preservation and promotion of the Igbo language and culture within our student community.



  • Develop and implement comprehensive lesson plans aligned with the Igbo language curriculum, while emphasizing cultural understanding.


  • Teach Igbo language skills, encompassing speaking, reading, writing, and listening comprehension, to students of varying proficiency levels


  • Cultivate a supportive and inclusive classroom environment that encourages active participation and a passion for the Igbo language.


  • Assess and evaluate student progress through assignments, quizzes, tests, and other assessment methods.


  • Provide constructive feedback and guidance to students, supporting their language development and encouraging continuous improvement.


  • Stay updated with advancements in Igbo language education, instructional methodologies, and cultural resources to enhance teaching effectiveness.


  • Introduce students to Igbo cultural traditions, history, values, and customs.


  • Utilize diverse teaching methodologies and resources to cater to different learning styles and abilities.


  • Foster a sense of pride and cultural identity among students by organizing and participating in cultural events and activities.
    Maintain a positive and respectful classroom environment that encourages mutual respect and appreciation for diversity.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Education, Igbo Language, Linguistics, or a related field.
  • Proficiency in spoken and written Igbo language.
  • Proven experience teaching Igbo language and culture to students of various age groups.
  • In-depth knowledge of Igbo grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and cultural nuances.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to engage and motivate students.
  • Creativity in designing interactive and culturally immersive lessons.
    Patience, adaptability, and the ability to differentiate instruction to meet diverse student needs.
  • Familiarity with instructional technologies and resources for Igbo language teaching.
  • Passion for promoting and preserving the Igbo language and culture.
  • Possess a team-oriented mentality and demonstrate proficiency in collaborating with colleagues, parents, and community members.

How to Apply:

Interested and qualified candidates should send their Resume, Cover Letter, and any relevant Certifications to [email protected], with the Job Title mentioned in the email subject.



Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further evaluation.

Individuals with a Ph.D. need not apply.

We eagerly anticipate welcoming a dedicated and knowledgeable Igbo and Culture Language Teacher who will inspire our students to embrace and celebrate the richness of the Igbo language and culture


Application Deadline: 29th July 2023

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