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Who wins scholarships?

All kinds of students win scholarships! Both in house and International students. They study different things, come from different states, countries and are all kinds of ethnicities.


Scholarships are free to apply for.


You can apply for as many scholarships as you want; you can also reapply for scholarship as you so desire too. Always keep your hope alive!

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Keep in mind, each scholarship is different and might require additional information from you. These are just some prompts to keep in mind as they’re commonly included in scholarship essay requests.


Can scholarships be renewed?

Yes. While some scholarships are a one-time, lump sum payment (usually these are “smaller” awards of $500 to $5000), other scholarships can be renewed every year that the student remains in college.


Some of these are renewed automatically as long as you maintain eligibility (e.g. continue studying full-time, maintain a certain GPA), while others may require you to reapply each year.

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Currently there are various Scholarship Opportunities for International Students in Australia with application fee waiver. Check this out!


1.Bond University 
2.Charles Darwin University 
3.Central Queensland University 
4.University of South Australia 

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