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The scholarships granted by the Fonds de recherche du Québec aim to:

  • help support new generations of students in a range of research sectors:
    • natural sciences, mathematics sciences and engineering (FRQNT)
    • human health (FRQS)
    • humanities, social sciences, art and literature (FRQSC)
  • spark the interest of new generations of students in research
  • support research excellence by providing financial assistance to the best students as they undertake or pursue a master’s research program.


This particular program is designed to help citizens of other countries who hold a doctorate (Ph.D.) to further their training and broaden their interests. It is also intended to encourage these researchers to learn about new scientific environments, new research methodologies, research project management and student leadership skills, and communication skills. The FRQS expects the internship supervisor to act as a mentor in the development of the candidate’s future academic career.



  • The postdoctoral scholarship is valued at $45,000/year.
  • The maximum amount is six (6) payments totaling $90,000.
  • Awardees who carry out their postdoctoral studies outside Québec will receive a supplemental amount of $10,000 per year.
  • Fellows may apply for a renewal in the same competition for a subsequent year if they wish to extend their postdoctoral fellowship award by one year. An additional year’s award of $45,000 may be granted following the evaluation. See the following section “Renewal” for more details.


Requirements & Qualification

  • This program is intended for candidates who wish to undertake or pursue a post-doctoral research training program in one of the fields covered by the Health Fund.
  • To be eligible for this postdoctoral scholarship, applicants must be citizens of countries other than Canada who seek to pursue their postdoctoral training in Québec.
  • Applicants must have completed a doctorate less than two (2) years prior to the competition deadline or intend to submit their doctoral thesis before March 1, 2024 (except for renewal applications).
  • Applicants who apply to the FRQS are eligible to receive scholarship payments for a period of six (6) semesters or until the end of the program for which the scholarship is sought, whichever comes first.


How To Apply

  • The 2023–2024 application e-form (see pdf for information) will be available on the respective websites of the Fonds at least one month prior to the competition deadline. The form must be submitted electronically by the competition deadline, as determined by the Fonds.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE (Section 3.3 CGR): Applicants must prepare their application sufficiently in advance to ensure they have all the required documents and submit the form by the competition deadline. Applicants must also anticipate and consider the high volume of funding applications received by the Fonds near the competition deadline.


For More Information, visit web page 


Application Deadline: 6th October, 2022

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