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There has been a rise in Premier League games stopping after medical emergencies in the crowd over the past couple of years but that appears set to change this season

The Premier League is set to introduce a number of new rules this season – including five substitutes, changes to the offside law and more balls nearby to prevent time-wasting.


But one that might have a bigger impact than all is the fact that games will no longer be stopped for medical emergencies in the crowd. Every stadium has a doctor on-site to react to any incidents should they happen off the pitch.

That includes supporters that have been taken ill or any other medical problems that could arise while that has always been the case throughout the league for many years. They would often fulfil their duties without most people knowing anything.

In recent years, there has been an increase in Premier League games coming to a halt after a fan is taken ill in the stands,


sometimes even with the players pointing out the incident to the referee. It often leads to the players even coming off the pitch and lengthy delays in play.


That would be because the team’s own medical staff would go over as well to help attend to the fan, as well as the on-site doctor. However, this is set to change next year as the team’s staff are set to be told to leave the medical responsibilities to the stadium doctor.

Chelsea star Marcos Alonso stopped play during the match against Watford last year after a medical emergency in the crowd

All players have been informed that they should not stop playing and to continue whether there is a medical emergency in the stands or not. It is one measure the Premier League are taking ahead of the new campaign.

Another is upping the number of match-balls to 10 – positioned similarly to how matches looked after the Covid restart when games were behind closed doors. It is hoped that any stoppages would be minimal with play resuming quicker while referees have been reminded to issue yellow cards for any acts of time-wasting.

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