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Romelu Lukaku has rejoined Inter a year after leaving, and found that his preferred number 9 shirt has been taken.


Often what players do in this situation is choose a number similar 90, 99 or 8+1 in one famous case.

As was revealed in his unveiling back in Italy yesterday, Lukaku has chosen the first option, but there’s already a cheeky theory out there that this is nothing to do with being visually close to his favoured 9.


The Mirror cite various theories online that the striker is trolling Chelsea, by getting the money they lost on his transfer to far on his shirt.


The Blues paid around £97m to sign Lukaku a year ago, and will get just £7m in loan fees this season, meaning a £90m loss.


We don’t think that’s the reality – but it’s a funny idea. Certainly there’s no love lost between the striker and our club now – a sad state of affairs.

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