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Hundreds of Catholic Priests protest against insecurity in the country as their colleague, Rev.Fr. Vitus Borogo, who was killed by terrorists was buried in Kaduna.


Father Borogo laid to rest on June 30, at our lady of Apostles’ Parish, Kaduna.


During the burial, Over 700 Catholic Priests held a peaceful Protest.


The Priest held Placards with words like: “Anyone who killed lost his /her life.” and “we are Priests not terrorists.”


Speaking at the Our Lady of Apostle Catholic Church, Archbishop of Kaduna Archdiocese, Most Reverend Mattew Ndagoso, lamented the rising insecurity in the Country.


He stated that Nigeria has become a failed state under President Muhammadu Buhari due to the country’s Security condition.


He said Nigerians live in perpetual fear and have become hopeless due to the rising attacks and killings, while the Federal Government seems to be incapacitated to tackle the problem.

The Bishop called on the government to establish state police to protect the vulnerable communities against bandits attacks since those saddled with the responsibility of Protecting the lives and prosperity of the citizens have failed to do so.

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