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Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme gives update on test taking for the selection process.


NJFP states that;


“We are now at the long-awaited assessment stage of the #NJFP selection process!”


The first assessment will be sent to all applicants in batches over the next 5 days.


Please check your NJFP registered email from now until 29 June to receive the link to your first test


Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme


All applicants will be required to take two online tests:


1️⃣Assess your basic digital tools and systems skills


2️⃣Measure your leadership and communication competences


Sample of the email;


Both tests are mandatory and will be sent to applicants #NJFP registered emails over the next 5 days.


As you wait for your test link, please note that:


➡️There is NO cost to take the tests


➡️You will have 48 hours to complete each test


➡️You must use your #NJFP registered email to take the tests. This is the only way your assessment will be matched with your NJFP profile.


We thank you for your continued patience & support.


We needed to secure an assessment process that would be seamless and worthwhile for you.


We wish all applicants the best of luck on this first exciting step in the #NJFP journey!

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