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Online teaching is a fantastic work from home job that provides flexibility and an opportunity to interact with people from all over the world.

Online teachers educate others via the internet in various ways, such as video calls and group video streams.
To teach online, you should have a reliable computer, an internet connection, and basic internet skills.


According to PayScale, a teacher with less than one year’s experience can expect to earn an average of $14.46 per hour.

General Requirements:

Some require degree in any thing.
Others only require TOFL / TESOL
You might need to take an Interview with the recruiter before officially working


This is one of the most popular online teaching platforms, but you need to be eligible to work in the U.S. or Canada to sign up.
The site focuses on teaching English to Chinese children in elementary school.
To apply, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. If you pass the interview, you’ll be offered a six-month contract and can start earning $7-9 per 25-minute class. This platform focuses on fun and engaging online teaching methods.

Teach English Online


Earn $14—$22 an hour from the comfort of home



Teaching Experience:
We recommend that you have at least two years of experience in teaching, tutoring, coaching or mentoring.
You must have obtained a 4-year degree from a university. Great news is that this can be in any field or major.
Access to internet



Set your own prices


You choose what tutoring fees to charge. Courses are divided into 25-minute trial lessons and 50-minute standard lessons.

Hourly rates of top 10 tutors by monthly income: ₦17,435.46 – ₦39,852.48 / hour


Be your own boss

There are no minimum work hours—choose the schedule you want. Input your weekly availability and students can choose time slots that work for them.

Work from home flexibility

To get started, you’ll just need a webcam and microphone equipped on your computer. Start earning more and helping students around the world.



You have a degree in English or a similar degree, or are a native English speaker yourself.


You have experience in 1-on-1 English tutoring or related classroom experience.


AmazingTalker, you can work with students of all ages and from all over.


Internet Access


3.Chegg Tutors

This is a top online teaching platform.


Teachers must meet strict criteria to join the site, but successful applicants receive a minimum of $20 per hour – and some of the more reputable tutors on this site earn up to $1,000 per day!


Students can share feedback and rate tutors after each class – the higher your teacher rating, the more money you can make.


Qkids is similar to VIPKIDS and is also only available to teachers based in the U.S. and Canada.


If you teach online with Qkids, you’ll be paid $20 per hour, teaching up to four students in a class.


The amazing part is, lesson plans, teaching materials, and other resources are provided for you.


The site will even train you to use these online teaching tools. The site requires you to commit to at least six hours of teaching per week.

This is a teaching platform where you work from Home.
Easy and Stable Supplemental Income$16 – $20 USD an hour, each in-lesson time is 30 minutes
Part-time, set your own teaching schedule


This is one of the oldest teaching sites online. Unfortunately, you can only apply if you’re permitted to work in the U.S. or Canada. To use the platform, you must pass an exam in the subject you specialize in. This online teaching platform also has a preference for some subjects, such as calculus and physics. How much you can earn on the site is revealed to you when your application is accepted.



This is a comprehensive online teaching site.


More than 300 subjects are taught through the site – including engineering, history, humanities, sciences, and social sciences. And if you maintain a high teacher rating, you can get paid more than $20 per hour.


iTutor Educators are Independent Contractors (1099) and are paid per session they complete. The rates, which include prep time, start at $30/hour but vary per assignment, based on the program requirements and the number of students. On average, iTutor Educators earn $35/hour.


This one of the largest online teaching sites. The courses are available to students in many countries, including Australia, UAE, and Singapore. After the application and verification process, you can set your rates and availability to teach online. The best part? You’ll receive payment after each session. However, this site isn’t a free online teaching platform. You’ll be charged 9% of your earnings, and a small service fee each time you withdraw your money from the platform.



This is another online teaching website that allows you to convert your knowledge into cash. Aspiring tutors with a bachelor’s degree and teaching certification, Master’s degree, or Ph.D. can register on the platform. The site pays by the minute, with a 15-minute minimum, to deliver lectures online. Skooli is heavily focused on math – geometry, algebra, calculus, and trigonometry – so teaching here can be a simple way to earn an income if you happen to be a math whiz.



If you’re looking for an online teaching website that allows you to keep all the money from your set hourly rate, the jobs at Wize might be a perfect fit. The platform takes no commission on tutors’ earnings and pays on-demand via direct deposit or PayPal. According to the company, new tutors can expect to earn $20 to $25 per hour based on their past teaching experience. But some roles like Subject Expert (Lead Instructor) pay more. Wize connects tutors with students across North America and allows them to deliver lectures using its interactive, browser-based whiteboard technology.



This started in 2007 and now has over 20,000 tutors helping students in over 100 subjects, including Arts, Languages, Sciences, Humanities, etc. It’s easy to get started on this website – you just register an account, fill out your teacher profile and select your availability and you’re off! The requirements to become a teacher at BuddySchool aren’t as stringent as on other platforms, but this also means more competitions for students across the available subjects.


To stand out, you can gather positive student reviews and run ads on the online teaching platform. The average hourly pay rate is $5 to $20 per hour.


Other Language Teaching Platforms includes:



This can help you start teaching languages online. To use Verbling, you must have previous language teaching experience, and be a native speaker in your chosen language. If your native tongue is one of the 63 languages offered on this online teaching site, give it a go!



This is one of the best online teaching websites for adult learners. To use the site, you must have at least three years of experience as a certified second-language teacher.


To start teaching online, you must have native fluency in English, German, Spanish, or French. Classes take place around the clock due to students and teachers living in different time zones.


Cambly helps to make teaching English online informal and conversational. The aim is to help students improve their conversational and listening skills. So, if you want to teach online through conversation, this could be a great online teaching platform for you. You can book times to teach or log in at any time to chat with students. You’ll earn $0.17 per minute – which works out as $10.20 per hour.


pairs teachers with students seeking to learn one of 27 languages. These include popular languages such as English and Spanish, as well as lesser-spoken languages, such as Urdu, Hebrew, and Danish. Plus, this online video teaching platform is easy to apply to. You’ll get paid whenever a student purchases one of your lesson packages. You can pitch students directly.


This is one of the best online teaching platforms for language teachers. If you have a verifiable certification and experience, you can use the platform as a teacher. Alternatively, you can make money online through the site as a community tutor by having conversations in your native language with students. After you set up your video introduction and set your rates, you can use any video chat platform to connect with students, such as Skype, Zoom, or Facetime. The platform recommends rates of $8 per lesson for teachers, and around $4 per lesson for community teachers – depending on the lesson length.



Netherlands-based platform connects language teachers with business professionals looking to develop proficiency in a certain language. Choose to teach from over 50+ languages and get paid to deliver remote lessons on a freelance basis. However, there might be some waiting time if your language doesn’t have enough demand. You can set your own schedule and rates and receive payments via PayPal or Moneybookers. Myngle charges an 18 percent commission per lesson for access to its student database and the use of its virtual classrooms.


18.Synthesis School

At Synthesis, kids learn critical thinking through complex games and simulations that challenge them to solve problems together. As a teacher, your job is to facilitate the best possible environment for their learning.


This includes pairing kids into teams, choosing the right challenge, and leading discussions to promote reflection and insight. They are hiring candidates with backgrounds in teaching, coaching, improv, theater, outdoor education, and more!


  • Requirements: Fluent English speaker


  • Average salary: Starting at $50 USD/hr


19.English First

English First offers teaching positions abroad in Shanghai, China or online from anywhere in the world. The online teachers can enjoy flexible working hours teaching either children or adult classes and are perfect for students looking to make extra money. EF offices are located all over the world providing local support for teachers, easy communication, and payment.


  • Requirements: Must be from the UK or US, hold a bachelor’s degree, and have a 40-hour minimum TEFL certificate.


  • Average salary: ~$12-$19 USD per hour



This online teaching company is looking for native English speakers who are from the USA to teach Korean business students. You’ll be conducting conversational English classes with adult students via a softphone installed on a computer. Classes are one-on-one and between 10-20 minutes long. The curriculum is provided and you can work from anywhere in the world.


  • Requirements: Must be a US residence (can be living abroad) with 48 hours of college credits or a TEFL/ESL certificate.


  • Average salary: ~$10-12 USD per hour



Among the more flexible online teaching options, Palfish is an app-based platform that allows you to connect with students via your mobile device or tablet. Offering an immediate start with a minimum 3.5 hours weekly commitment, you can get paid for speaking English with adults and child learners. Current teachers describe the teaching environment as a very easy and fun way to earn some extra cash. You can also set your own rates!


  • Requirements: Must be a US residence (can be living abroad) with 48 hours of college credits or a TEFL/ESL certificate.
  • Average salary: ~$10-12 USD per hour

22. Oakary

Oakary is unique in that this platform actually connects you with a number of teaching jobs. If you are pressed for time or hate filling out applications, definitely check out Oakary. With just one application, your information will be forwarded to all matching teaching jobs, including those with Magic Ears, Landi, Hujiang, VIPABC/iTutorGroup, PalFish, Shiliu, VIPKID, Am Class, SayABC, and many more! The majority of the openings are to teach children aged 4-15 years, and some adult classes are also available.


  • Requirements: Native English speakers only (US/Canada/UK/South Africa/Australia/New Zealand/Ireland); to teach students located in China, South Korea, and Vietnam a bachelor’s degree is required. For online placements teaching students in Taiwan, and some China locations, a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate is also required.


  • Average salary: ~$15-32 USD per hour

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  1. Oakary is unique in that this platform actually connects you with a number of teaching jobs. If you are pressed for time or hate filling out applications, definitely check out Oakary. With just one application, your information will be forwarded to all matching teaching jobs, 壯陽藥

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