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Ekweremadu: Organ Harvesting Isn’t Ritual Killing By Farooq Kperogi


Organ harvesting doesn’t mean killing someone and selling their body parts for “money” or other kinds of “ritual.”


It’s a term for surgically removing a body organ, such as a kidney, from a healthy person who can live without it and transplanting it to the body of someone who is in danger of dying without it.


It’s a crime in the UK and elsewhere if this is done without the consent of the organ donor.


Ekweremadu’s child needs an organ to survive, and he is alleged to have brought in a donor from Nigeria whose consent he and his wife didn’t seek.


Contrary to what people are saying on social media, he didn’t plan on killing someone and harvesting his body parts for “ritual.”


Some Naija people no go kill pesin with their atavistic thinking. Everything is “ritual sacrifice”🤣


According to Lere Olayinka’s Facebook page, Fayose spokesman reveal the following statement;

“Another Perspective

Facts on the Ekweremadu matter…

Another dimension…by Ikem Okuhu

1.Ike Ekweremadu wasn’t involved in any organ trafficking

2.He has a daughter who needs a transplant.

3.A willing donor was seen in Nigeria and travel preparations were made.

4.Ike Ekweremadu did write to the British High Commission, explaining the situation


5.The donor travelled to the UK with the patient.

6.The donor is a 21 year old man and not a girl as many are writing.

7.He is not a minor.

8.As it happened, the organ did not even match.

9.Not wanting to return to Nigeria, the donor went to report that he was trafficked to London for possible organ harvest, believing same would guarantee him asylum.

That’s the other perspective. I will update as I obtain more information.”

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