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Chicken Republic has denied sacking the security guards that were caught on camera dancing on duty in one of its store.


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The viral video has since Thursday stirred mixed reactions as Nigerians took to social media to share their different views on the decision of the restaurant.


As captured in the viral video, the duo displayed interesting dance steps to a popular song.


While some opined that a job without happiness is fake and the two young men should not have been sacked in the first place, others defended the action of the restaurant.


But in a statement on Friday, the restaurant denied taking such actions.


It explained that as a company it encourages all staff to have fun at work so would never go to the extent of sacking its staff for expressing themselves.


“This is evident in the multiple songs, dances and nice, nice, chants that you will often hear in our stores.


“It is disappointing that some people may have the impression that chicken republic fired these security guards for dancing in our stores, this is not true and hence we need to set the record straight.”


It further explained that the news about the sack never came from Chicken Republic but the security agency that it outsourced the stores security to.


“We take the safety and security of our customers, staff and assets very seriously and as such we outsource our security to various private security companies that specialize in this services. The two security guards in the video work at such a private security company.


“When the management of the private security company saw the two security guards dancing in the video . they had concerns that the security officers , whilst dancing, were not necessarily conducting their duties responsibly and as such were probably not fully focused on their core responsibility which is your safety and your security.”


The management of the restaurant however said it has followed up with the security company and will ensure every one is treated fairly.


“They have assured us that the security guards have not been fired, have been paid their dues and have been offered some training.”


“we value your opinions and have heard you. we can assure you that we are in close communication with the security company and will ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect.” it assured


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