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Amidst biting fuel scarcity, guests at a party were given the product as souvenir.


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From viral photo and video, the fuel kegs bore stickers saying, “Erelu Okin Foundation Installation Party.”


The importance of Premium Motor Spirit otherwise known as petrol in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized as it is essential for powering energy to drive almost all human activity.


However, Nigeria has been constantly plagued with recurrent fuel scarcity mostly due to ineptitude of the government.


The country is currently going through another cycle of fuel scarcity with the product becoming almost as important as the air we breath and a litre going for as high as 500 Naira a little.


But to help alleviate the hardship citizens have to go through to get this all important commodity, fashion stylist, Pearl Chidinma Ogulu in showcasing her ingenuity gifted her party guests with litres of fuel as souvenir, rather than the traditional souvenirs that has come to define Nigerian parties.


Pearl unveiled this ingenuity at her coronation party on Friday as the Erelu Okin of Orile Kemta.


Her party guests were not only pleasantly surprised at this ingenuity, they were beyond grateful to her for thinking out of the box.




However, while some applauded this gesture, not a few feel that sharing petrol, a highly inflammable liquid is too dangerous to be carried around.


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