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In response to various post on social media, Lawyer to Busayo’s Husband’s reacted, revealing that Busayo’s death does not occur due to domestic violence nothing that  the Nurse Who Injected Her Leading To Her Death has Been Arrested.


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According to update at Get it right Nigerians,

Read his full statement below which he sent;


Hello. My name is Barr. Adedoyin from the State CID, Panti Police Station. My attention has been brought to your recent Facebook post on the circumstances surrounding the demise of a young lady, Mrs. Busayo Adewunmi and the insinuation that the husband could have been responsible for her demise. First, your efforts in sensitizing the public to rise against all forms of domestics and sxual violence is laudable and much appreciated.


Please keep up the good word. However, for a sensitive issue of this nature, I think you own the public a balanced and full disclosure of all the facts.


Since you said you have been following us on the case, you should know that-


(1) A nurse, on the invitation of the deceased wife, gave the deceased an injection when she wasn’t feeling well


(2) The husband was unavailable at home when the nurse gave the wife the injection.


(3) The husband arrived home shortly to see the nurse battling to save the wife’s life.


(4) The husband immediately rushed his wife to the hospital that night.


(5) The wife unfortunately passed away at the hospital


(6) The nurse has been arrested and detained for questioning


(7) An autopsy is being conducted to determine the cause of death.


I believe if all this facts have been provided in your post, the public and commentators would have a balance thought and not jump into conclusion that the husband was responsible for his wife demise.


In the interest of Justice and good conscience, kindly update your post in line with the above additional facts or pull it down. Many thanks.




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