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A yet-to-be identified woman has alleged that her daughter was harassed by a male immigration official at the Ikeja Passport Office over claims that she was not wearing a bra.


In a video, the woman was seen saying that she visited the passport office alongside her daughter on January 10 to renew their travel documents but were unable to do so until around 6:00pm.


She said when it was her turn to get captured, one of the officers, who she identified as O.B Ogbeifun, harassed her daughter with the claims that she was not properly dressed.


The officer, according to her, said the young lady was not wearing a bra and therefore he could not let her in.


The woman said while she made efforts to capture the officer’s photo, he twisted her arm violently.


She said, “I went to the Nigerian Immigration Office at Alausa, Ikeja. My daughter and I went there to renew our passports. Some minutes to 6:00pm when they were about to close, they asked all of us to go out.


“The officer helping us said we were next to capture, that was how this man at the gate (OB Ogbeifun) said what my daughter was wearing was not acceptable to come in.


“She was wearing a jump suit. The man started sexually harassing my daughter, that she’s dressed like an ‘ashawo’.


”The other officer at the place said that I should beg him to let her in. He said my daughter was not putting on a bra. He refused, and I queried if it was in the constitution.


”I was about to take his picture when he twisted my arm, and left bruises all over my hand. He almost beat us up before other people intervened.”


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