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This program provides businesses with up to $500,000 to support the development, implementation and demonstration of real-world applications of artificial intelligence technologies


What do you get?

Grants from $250,000 to $500,000.


Who is this for?

Regional industries, businesses and communities partnering together to deliver projects using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.


Applicants should demonstrate how their project:

  • supports the development, implementation and demonstration of real-world applications of artificial intelligence technologies that address challenges in regional area(s) in Australia


  • increases the awareness and understanding of real-world artificial intelligence applications, opportunities, benefits and risks in regional area(s)


  • develops new partnerships between regional industries, businesses and communities with the Australian technology sector.


Successful applicants and projects will contribute to the program’s goals. The program outcomes are:


  • increased adoption, development and use of artificial intelligence technologies in regional area(s) to lift the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of industry and business
  • greater trust, inclusion and awareness of artificial intelligence technologies and their applications in regional area(s)
  • to bring forward the potential economic, productivity, social and environmental benefits of artificial intelligence in regional Australian economies and communities, supporting job creation.


You can apply if you meet the eligibility criteria.


The eligibility criteria are a set of rules that describe who we can consider for this grant. You can apply if you:

  • are an eligible entity
  • have an eligible project
  • have eligible expenditure.


To be eligible your must have at least one Project Partner. At least one entity involved must be a regional participant.


The rules are in the grant opportunity guidelines.


Eligible entities

To be eligible you must:

  • have an Australian business number (ABN).


You must be an entity incorporated in Australia and a trading corporation, where your trading activities:

  • form a sufficiently significant proportion of the corporation’s overall activities as to merit it being described as a trading corporation


  • are a substantial and not merely peripheral activity of the corporation.


and independently of the program, engage in, or intend to engage in, either or both of the following activities:


  • activities to build artificial intelligence capabilities for businesses and communities
  • activities to develop businesses and communities in regional areas.

Eligible projects

For your project to be eligible, your application must show:

  • how your project addresses one or more of the program’s objectives and/or outcomes
  • a minimum of $500,000 in eligible project expenditure
  • that your application has a project partner
  • that you or one of your project partners is a regional participant
  • that you provide a letter of support from each of the project partners on the template provided
  • evidence from your board (or chief executive officer or equivalent if there is no board) that the project is supported
  • that you can complete the project and meet the costs of the project not covered by grant funding
  • we provide an accountant declaration template to help you confirms you can fund your share of the project costs, including any ineligible expenditure.

Not eligible

You are not eligible to apply if you are:

  • an organisation, or your project partner is an organisation, included on the National Redress Scheme’s list of ‘Institutions that have not joined or signified their intent to join the Scheme’
  • an organisation or your project partner is an organisation that has been named by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency as an organisation that has not complied– external site with Workplace Gender Equality Act (2012)
  • an individual
  • partnership
  • unincorporated association
  • any organisation not included in section 4.1 of the guidelines
  • trust (however, an incorporated trustee may apply on behalf of a trust)
  • a Commonwealth, State, Territory or local government body (including government business enterprises)
  • a non-corporate Commonwealth entity.



You should read the grant opportunity guidelines and sample grant agreement before you apply.


To apply, you must submit your application through the online portal. You’ll need to set up an account when you first log into the portal. The portal allows you to apply for and manage a grant or service in a secure online environment.


Apply now for Catalysing the Artificial Intelligence Opportunity in Our Regions Round 1

Before you apply, make sure you:

  • read the guidelines.



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Application Deadline: 21st February, 2022 05:00 PM AEDT

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