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Did you apply for the #SpeakUpStandOutNG Program?


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The #SpeakUpStandOutNG program aims to empower young people with media and information knowledge and grassroots mobilisation skills to participate meaningfully in the socio-political development of their communities by maximising digital platforms for social mobilisation, amplifying youth voices and developing people-led campaigns on issues that affect youth and influencing policies that affect youth.


The project will empower 20 Activists with the knowledge, skills and resources to organise activism to challenge issues affecting youth, develop innovative ways to engage other young people and social actors to campaign and drive social change. Each Activist will create a mini-project with the support of 25 Advocates within 13 months.


What innovative solutions do you have around these four key areas affecting young people and the socio-economic development of Nigeria?


The key areas are;


  • Education


  • Employment


  • Governance


  • Peace and Security


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