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Following the expiration of the deadline for submission of online applications for recruitment into the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission, applicants and the general public should note the following:


  • A total of 376,631 applications were received by 11.59pm of 30th January, 2020 to fill 220 available positions that are supported by budgetary allocation;


  • Only applicants with specialized skills and required disciplines as listed here will be considered.


  • They include:
  • Accountancy,
  • Law,
  • Economics,
  • Computer Engineering,
  • Software Engineering,
  • Computer Forensic,
  • Computer Science,
  • Statistics/Mathematics,
  • Mass Communications,
  • Sociology,
  • Quantity Surveying,
  • Architecture,
  • Engineering,
  • Procurement specialists and
  • Forensic Experts;


Shortlisted applicants will be subjected to an online assessment test, a computer-based aptitude test, and a written assessment test which will qualify them for an oral interview and other stages of assessment;



  • No applications for the positions of Assistant Directors will be considered as the 2020 budgetary allocation approved for the Commission (after the recruitment advertisement had been placed) does not provide for them;


The online assessment test will cover the remaining advertised six job levels, and will be administered over a specific period to assess candidates’ IQ and Logical Reasoning. Emails will be sent to the applicants by DCSL Corporate Services Ltd., the recruiting firm, prior to the assessment date informing them of the date and time of the test;


Applicants who successfully scale through to the interview will be further subjected to background checks and certificate verification.


They will also undergo a polygraph test in addition to a paramilitary training that will last for at least 6 months to ascertain their physical fitness.


This is inform the applicants who missed the initialed scheduled DCSL ICPC Recruitment Online test that they should check their text message inbox and  email for a rescheduled date of their online test.


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The new scheduled text contain the date to write the online recruitment test.


Below is the text message received from the recruitment agent (DCSL) for re-schedule online test;


Sample Message

DCSL ICPC Recruitment Test Portal/Website

You have been rescheduled for an online test between Wed. 25th and Fri. 27th August, 2021. Please check your email and spam for details.


SEND YOUR COMPLAIN TO:  [email protected]


Here is a step by step guide on how to take your ICPC Test online;
After Receiving the Online test email in your inbox or spam folder, you will be directed to
ICPC dcsl recruits Recruitment Portal Login below;
Welcome to Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC) Online Test


  • Provide the token sent to your email to gain access to the online test.


  • This is a one-time token, do not refresh the page as you will be automatically logged out.


  • Your token cannot be shared or transferred.


  • Make sure you have a strong internet connection.


  • You only have 12 minutes to answer 25 questions.


  • Your answers will be automatically submitted if you don’t submit before your 12 minutes elapsed.
After this Stage of online test through www.dcslrecruits.com icpc recruitment portal, successful candidates will be shortlisted again through their mail to write a new entry assessment test which is the second online test aside from the first they wrote earlier.

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42 thoughts on “Update: ICPC Recruitment Re-Scheduled Online Test”
  1. Good morning sir

    I have been rescheduled to write the test today and Friday, but I don’t have any token at all. How do I go about it. A text message was sent to me yesterday about the reschedule test.

    Thank you so much

      1. À resheduled message was been sent to to take d test but i check m’y émail i did’nt find any tin their

    1. I have been rescheduled to write a test on wed 25th and Friday 27th, but I have been checking my email no new massage or token number to use rather is the old email which is on the 9th. How do I go about it.

  2. Good day Sir, I have been rescheduled for the test but the site keep saying error 504… Unavailable…. What do I do?

  3. Hello sir, does this apply to people that wrote the test the last time? Coz I wrote the test the last time without issues and I still got the rescheduling msg

      1. Good morning sir, i was rescheduled to take the test today 30th August and i was able to successfully log in and take the test but upon submission, it response was that the token has expired. i sent them a mail but still got the same old message that Applicants who are yet to take the online test are currently being contacted via SMS and email notification.
        what do i do next ?
        Kind regards

  4. I can’t find my token as I was directed to check my mail, spam or junk its nowhere to be found.

    I have checked my mail, spam or junk, even back to January 2020, I can’t find any token sent to me.

  5. Hello,
    am unable to login even after i provided token sent to me,pls is it email address together with the token you will enter or only token ?

    thank you

  6. I wrote my test successfully without any issue and I got my scores immediately. I am impressed with this and hope that all the remaining steps will follow same.

      1. Good evening Mr Segun. Please I have sent a complaint mail to the address provided above since yesterday but haven’t got a response. Please what should I do.

        1. Gud evening sir. sir I received message on 23rd August ur reschedule test is 25th and 27th but my mail was 25th August so I tire to write my test today 26th August it said my token has expired or date is the future ..please any hope or what should I do

      2. Gud day Sir, I recieved a message on my phone about the reschedule date for the test but I didn’t get any message in my spams or email and I have already sent my complain through the complain link but no response and I only have tomorrow for the test, thank you

    1. Good evening sir , I did not receive the new token for today’s test as re-shedule is only the old token and is not working

    2. Pls, did they specify time for the online test bcos mine says if I log in before or after the time will be disqualified. Pls tell me the time for it mine is today thanks

      1. Please I was not able to submit after writing, I don’t know if there is anything like automatic submission?

  7. Good morning, I can’t login, my page display shows expired token or test date in the future, what should I do please? I have a token already but I am unable to login.

  8. Am still unable to use the token sent to me 2 weeks ago because I missed the the test , and I was rescheduled 25th -27th

  9. good day,
    being scheduled to write wednesday AND friday, please does it mean if you cant access the site wednesday, you can try friday cos i tried today being thursday and after filling my mail, i was told its either its expired or the date is in the future.


  10. Good morning,
    I was sent a test, when I try to login it will say “token has expired or exam is in future date”. Do I need to complain

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