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On December 10, 2005, Kechi Okwuchi, a 16-year-old high school senior was aboard Sosoliso Airlines Flight 1145 that crashed, killing 107 people on board. She was one of only two survivors. All of her classmates died, leaving her the lone student survivor.

She survived and she hasn’t stopped telling the story of how her life changed forever.

She emerged a finalist at the twelfth season of America’s Got Talent in 2017 and her popularity has soared through the roof ever since.

However, she still has the scars from the crash, and she wears it proudly.

Kechi recently took to her social media page to share photos of how she was ‘one year after the crash’ and ‘what she looks like right now’.

Sharing the before and after photos, she wrote;

(Wonder if I should tag this as sensitive content…?)
I stumbled upon the picture on the left on my laptop a couple months ago, and i have been contemplating this post since then.
I remember I stared at it for a long time that day. Time makes me forget just how extensive my burn injuries were, and how devastating the effects were to my body. I realize this may shock some of you too.
The pic on the left was taken a good year after the plane crash and by then, intense scar tissue had formed, esp on my face.
I took the pic on the right a few mins ago and made these before/afters, and I marvel at how far God has brought me. I am the result of the hard work of multiple surgeons He brought into my life, nurses, physiotherapists, and love and care from my family, my mom especially.
This is what progress looks like, guys. 2 pictures, 14 years apart. I’m grateful that I lived long enough to see it.
I decided to make this post so that you guys can marvel at God with me.
I want someone who reads this to see that true progress, genuine growth, and lasting change cannot happen overnight. Most of the time during the journey, maybe like me, you won’t notice changes because day by day they’re too minuscule to make a difference. But if you give yourself a fighting chance, if you find the right kind of support on your journey, one day, definitely one day which right now may seem so far away, you will look back like I did this morning and hopefully…you will smile☺️
I heard this in a song and it stuck with me:
The night will definitely come. But so will the morning🌤
I never post things like this arbitrarily. As always, please be encouraged.

Plane crash survivor and singer, Kechi, shares her Before/After photos as she marvels over how far God has brought her since the incident.

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