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A beautiful young lady has taken to social media amid tears to reveal she’s desperately in need of a man in her life as she denounces “feminism”.

The former feminist in a viral video revealed she would be clocking 40 soon noted that she’s presently desperate for a husband, regardless of class and status.

According to her, toxic feminism clouded her judgement of wanting to be with a man until now which made her miss out on love and marriage.

In the video the lady broke down in tears as she lamented over how everyone around her is getting married and happy in their union while she has remained single.

She called on any man who’s ready for a serious relationship to propose to her.

“I’m so sad right now, I just came to a realization this past few days has been so hard for me. you know how men say women have toxic feminism and that you will get to a certain age and nobody will love you. I feel like I’ve gotten to that stage and I missed out on marriage and on children.

Now I don’t care if you’re rich or poor, tall, dark, handsome, ugly as long as you’re a man and breathing…I’m just so desperate for a husband”. She said in part”.

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