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Former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe’s son, Bolu Okupe and his gay lover, Mfaomé have broken up.

The couple who met on Tinder and started dating in February have ended their relationship barely 6 months after.

According to Bolu Okupe who took to his official Instagram to announce their split he was blessed by every bit of their time together but sometimes things just don’t workout.

In his words,

“Yes we broke up. Sadly we are done & our relationship is over. I was blessed by every bit of our time together but sometimes things just don’t workout. Love & Light 🖤🌈”.

A quick look on Bolu’s page also shows that he has taken down all their loved-up photos and videos together.

Watch a video of the gay activist addressing the break up below,

This is coming after Bolu addressed the controversy that arose after he came out as a gay man.

He had an Instagram live session where he vehemently kicked against the anti-gay law and stated that some of the legislators who signed the law are gay themselves.

Recall that the law was signed by former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2014. The law bans homosexuality in Nigeria and attaches a 4-year jail term for anyone caught in the act. During that period, Bolu’s father, Doyun Okupe was serving as a presidential aide to Jonathan.

Speaking during the live session, Bolu said,

“With the whole 14 year law, I bet you for a fact, some people who were signing or voting for that law are gay themselves. It’s ridiculous.

If you look at it statistically, you would know for a fact that a few people who voted on that law would have been gay themselves”.

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