The Nigerian Police have arrested the coordinator of Bayelsa’s free agricultural training and empowerment initiatives.


The arrest occurred as the team in charge of the program continues to require applicants to pay 1,000 naira each to counter the free skills authorization program described on their BFATEI website.


This makes one of the sponsors of the plan. Festus Daumiebi withdrew his sponsorship of the plan on Sunday, saying he was not part of the initiative.


He said, Some young Bayelsans came to him that they needed support to train and empower youths in the area of Agriculture, stating that “would be” beneficiaries were not meant to pay a dime, hence they needed his support as they reassured him that everything about the Programme is free but that they needed support to kick start farming.


As someone who is interested in the well-being of young people especially of those who have chosen the part of industry, He pledged to support them financially within available resources.


For their take-off, He pledged to provide land, free of charge and free from any encumbrance for a period of two years for those having the challenge of land to commence farming upon completion of the free training.


It is therefore surprising to hear that the promoters of the scheme are demanding money from potential beneficiaries for whatever purpose.


As the promoters have chosen to be insincere with Bayelsans, he therefore withdrew his support of any form to the scheme.


The Scheme was allegedly sponsored by Hon. Chief Michael Magbisa (Vice Chairman PDP Bayelsa West), Hon. Barr. Festus Daumiebi Sunday, and Hon. Ebiegberi Diri, to help interested Bayelsans understand the necessary knowledge of the above-mentioned sector.



However, this has not prevented the coordinator of the aforementioned program from charging the applicant some stipulated amount. News reveal that, Hon. David Alagoa, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the State of Bayelsa, with the help of security personnel “Operation Doo-Akpo”, arrested the coordinator of BFATEI, who deceived the innocent Bayelsa in the name of issuing agricultural loans/grants at the Opolo City Hall to the Youth.

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