(NRC) has tendered an apology to passengers on board the KA2 train that departed from Rigasa in Kaduna, on Monday morning, but broke down minutes after takeoff.


Passengers on board the train were stranded a few kilometres away from the train station in Rigasa, Kaduna state, after the train developed a mechanical fault.


The breakdown of the train kept the passengers stranded for over three hours, before a rescue locomotive was sent from Idu station in Abuja.


Paschal Nnorli, manager, Abuja-Kaduna train service, in a statement on Monday, apologised for the occurrence, adding that the breakdown of the train was highly regretted.


Nnorli apologised for the inconvenience it caused its passengers, adding that the KA2 train that was delayed affected the operations in Abuja station as well.


“NRC is by this medium tendering our sincere apology to all the passengers on board KA2 train that left Rigasa this morning and failed at Dutse section,” he said.


“The failure, which was as a result of mechanical malfunction, is highly regretted.


“This failure and consequent delay no doubt caused delays to subsequent train services from Abuja to Kaduna.


”The failed locomotive is currently receiving attention from our team of engineers and technicians at the Idu Locomotive Workshop.”


The Cable


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