One Pastor Folayemi Richard has reportedly beaten his pregnant wife, Mrs. Odunola to coma over a rift that ensued between them.


The clergyman, who’s the founder of Victor’s Church located at Ita Olodan, Upper Gaa-Akanbi, Ilorin flogged Odunola with cable, inflicting varying degrees of injuries on her body.


The wife, while speaking with this medium said the incident occurred when the pregnancy was a month old in January 2021.


The woman while speaking with our correspondent in an emotional laden voice, lamented that even when she collapsed, her husband, the clergyman continued descending on her, whipping her with cable wire.


She said a neighbour who is an old woman, came to mediate for her but was overpowered and pushed aside.


She added that the weakened woman shouted to other neighbours but could not get attention following the persistent of their crisis that has presumably discouraged everyone in the neighborhood.


Odunola said she has been experiencing one crisis or the other with his embattled husband ever since their marriage was a month old in September 2020 adding that the man had once beaten her till she became unconscious.


“Last year September 26, we got married and we’ve been living together as husband and wife. When our wedding was one month old, there was terrible crisis occurred. I finished eating then heave a sigh of relief, he heard that queried.


“As a result of that, he left me and went inside the room, I followed him, he said, henceforth, we should be living as neighbours not as a couple any longer. He said he was perplexed that I hid things from him, I told him I never did. He left me in annoyance and I ran after him, pleading for sin I didn’t commit. He pushed away and I dashed my head on the wall. For 30 minutes, I was unconscious.


“When I woke up, I challenged him for abandoning me and for not been remorseful then he said he doesn’t care if I die. That day, I knew I’ve entered into the devil’s nest. When I got pregnant, my husband became hostile because I was vomiting.


“All of a sudden, he ordered me to stand up while he takes me to the hospital, where he said he will dump me, I negated against this, then, he started insulting my parents, I cautioned him again, in lieu of this, he approached me with a snap. He began to beat me like an object with no life. I tried running away but he drew me back. At this time, the beating had graduated because he has gotten cable wire which we use for speakers in the church.


I started shouting for help, the old woman beside me was calling for help too but no one came to my aide. I became so weak and even vomiting. I couldn’t raise my head again. When I realise that I will soon die if the torture continues, I drew strength within me and I dashed out of the house, he followed and started dragging me on the ground saying he doesn’t want the marriage again.


“At this time, people have already gathered begging him. He locked me out and went to my parents. When he came back again, he ordered me to leave his home and since, I’ve gone back to my parents,” she narrated.


In a bid to unravel the genuineness of Odunola’s claim, this medium investigated the matter, went to the church arena and met some people who were eyewitnesses to the assault.


One of the eyewitnesses, Victoria Oluwaseun confirmed she saw when the pastor dragged his wife out, beating her without considering the pregnancy.


Also, an eyewitness who’s simply identified as Mr. Balogun, narrated how he saved Odunola from going naked by clothing her after her after she was sent out. “She was sent out of the house with a short and vest,” he said.


As at the time of this report, the pastor’s mobile lines could not be reached as they were switched off and efforts to get any church member at the church premises also at this same time, failed.


Odunola, has however lodged complaint at the National Human Right Commission right seeking justice over the matter.


The victim also noted that her embattled husband has denied her all efforts to allow her to move her belongings from the house.


She added that her certificates and other valuables are still in the house. She appealed to the general public, FIDA and the Ministry of Women Affairs to come to her aid as she can no longer cope with the pains and assault in her marriage.


Further investigation by this medium revealed that the pastor has married several women before and ended up divorcing them.


The Church Premises

A member of the church who does not want his name in print told this medium that three years ago, the same Pastor Richard snatched his wife, declaring in the church that there is nothing anyone can do about it.


He said his wife suddenly became unpredictable and left his house for pastors. All efforts to talk to her and make her realise that she’s on a dangerous route proved abortive.


The man who betrayed emotion, burst into tears and said, the pastor has chased his wife out now to marry another person.

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