President Muhammadu Buhari Returns To Nigeria After Receiving 2weeks Medical check up In London


Recall that Buhari has faced lots of criticism over his trip to London for a medical check-up while Nigeria Doctor was on strike. There was also an anti-Buhari and Pro Buhari Protest in London


Events have remained tumultuous in Nigeria since President Muhammadu Buhari made his latest trip to the United Kingdom late last month.


While the president is resting in London, back home, Nigeria is grappling with a fever of industrial actions by public servants. Those out on strike include judiciary workers, resident doctors, parliamentary staff, Federal Capital Territory workers and staff of polytechnics and monotechnics nationwide. The doctors, on Saturday, suspended their strike for four weeks after some concessions from the federal government.


There have also been renewed attacks on security facilities across the country, particularly in the Southeast, as the face-offs continue between security operatives and criminals.


The president had departed the country for London on a two-week “short rest,” with one of his media handlers also saying that he was going for a “routine” medical checkup.


The news that the president needed to see his doctor overseas came out after resident doctors threatened to down tools over unpaid allowances and breach of agreement by the federal government. The Nigerian leader and his handlers saw nothing wrong in travelling for ‘medical check-up’ at a time doctors in his country were preparing to down tools due to disagreements with his government. The doctors eventually commenced the strike two days after the president travelled.


The doctor’s strike, before it was temporarily shelved, paralysed medical services at public hospitals in the country. This gave a boon to medical consultants, whose services only a few Nigerians can afford.


The news of the president’s trip drew an outcry that his actions were at odds with his promise to cut the cost of governance and improve the healthcare system.



But presidential publicist, Femi Adesina, downplayed the public outcry. “Did you hear all the ululation that attended the announcement and the trip? War of tongues: oh, he’s sick again (as if there’s anyone who’s 100% healthy. If there is, let’s see the person).

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