On Tuesday night Kwara State Government announced the reopening of 10 grant-aided schools, today Just Events Online crew monitor the compliance of the order in those affected schools.


Baptist, C & S Church members blocking the entrance of the school with series of the inscription on the placard and dancing


Kwara Baptist Conference President, Rev. Dr. V.S.A Dada, Rev. Dr. S. Olawuyi James & Some Church Pastors



Muslims followers are opposite the school with their own placard


Security personnels were (NSCDC) on the ground


However, Youths of the Nigerian Baptist Convention, NBC, have rejected the reported proposed uniform Hijab in all Public and Mission Schools Grant-Aided Schools in Kwara State by the Kwara State government.



Church Members At First Baptist Church, Surulere, ilorin, Kwara State


The youths under the aegis of the Nigerian Baptist Convention Youth Conference (NBCYC) also condemned the invasion of a Christian School by some hoodlums claiming to be Muslims to enforce wearing of Hijab by their acclaimed children in a Christian School in Ilorin on Wednesday, February 18, 2021 describing it as fanatical, reckless, and height of provocation.


First Baptist Church, Surulere, ilorin, Kwara State ( Church Vandalized during the Protest)


The group in a statement issued by its President, Pastor Onajite Enunuaye, described the actions of the Muslim fanatics and proposed enforced hijab usage in all Public Schools including the Mission Schools as insensitive given the nature and religious volatility of the state.

Onajite noted that the fact that Kwara State government provides grant to Mission Schools does not in anyway confer absolute ownership to it and any decision with regards to the school’s must be jointly agreed by the original owners of the schools.

He said, “Available information at our disposal indicates that Grant Aiding of schools (mission, community etc) began in 1974 in Kwara State and the memorandum signed between the owners of the schools and the government does not confer total ownership on the government.



“The original owners of grant-aided schools still contributes to the runnings of the schools especially in the areas of headship and other ancillary matters”.

He added that, “The Youths of Nigerian Baptist Convention stands strongly with all the decisions of Kwara Baptist Conference and further reiterates that Baptist will not allow the wearing of Hijab in all the Baptist Grant-aided schools in the state.”


He stressed that it would be better for the Kwara State government to return the schools to the owners rather than causing preventable religious crises in the state noting that Baptists are peace-loving people.



The youth leader admonished the state government to shun religious chauvinism and embrace all religions to move the state forward.


Moreover, It was revealed that the leaders on ground at the mission schools state that, “we were today under serious attack at First Baptist Church Surulere, Ilorin as Muslim fundamentalists mobilized themselves and touts to attack us.


They overpower the police, forcefully removed the gate and sign board of the school and started stoning us for over 30min.

Only the gallant resistance of members and eventual security reinforcements saved the church from been burnt.

More than 15 people are wounded with two rushed to the hospital.



They are still regrouping and refused to leave. They threatened and are trying to burn down the Church. The security agents are now around” the statement reads


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