The Niger State Civil Service Commission was established under the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Its powers are in accordance with the provision of Paragraph (I) of Part II of the third schedule which says “The Commission shall have power without prejudice to the power vested in the Governor and State Judicial Service Commission to:


  1. Appoint persons to offices in the state civil service and
  2. Dismiss and exercise disciplinary control over persons holding such offices
  3. Other areas covered by the Commission include:
    • Promotions
    • Contract appointments
    • Transfer of service, Secondment and De-secondment
    • Serving as an appellate body for petitions from Ministries/Departments
    • Maintaining comprehensive and up to date personnel records for the civil service
    • Implementing any civil service reforms
    • Monitoring activities of Ministries and extra Ministerial departments in order to ensure compliance with guidelines, uniformity and maintenance of standards in the implementation of reforms.

In carrying out the above functions, the Commission is assiduously guided by the scheme of service, 1999 civil service reforms report as well as the guidelines for appointments, promotion, disciplines and relevant government circulars.



The Niger State Civil Service Commission has opened its portal for employment into various position in the State Civil Service. Interested candidates are to access the registration portal to submit their data.


However, candidate must note the following:

  1. The portal is opened for a Week beginning from 21st March, 2021.
  2. Don’t register more than once to avoid risk of TOTAL disqualification.
  3. Be sure you have relevant qualification for the position you intend to apply for.(See details of qualifications below)
  4. Remember to submit your necessary credentials
  5. In case you have registered and there is need for correction, use the “Edit Registration” option.



Permanent Secretary, Civil Service Commission


Details of Qualifications

S/NO Post Qualification
1 Accountants B. Sc. (Accounting)
2 Administrator B. Sc. or B.A. (Political Science or History or Sociology or Public Admin or Business Admin)
3 Assistant Dental Technologist HND (Dental Technology) Plus Registration
4 Agricultural Scientist B. Sc. or B. Tech (General Agriculture)
5 Architects M. Sc. or M. Tech (Architecture)
6 Assistant Education Officer NCE with TRCN
7 Biomedical Technician Dipoma (Biomedical Engineering)
8 Biomedical Technologist/Scientist B. Sc. or B. Tech or HND (Biomedical Engineering)
9 Computer Engineer B. Eng or B. Tech (Computer Engineering)
10 Dental Surgeons MBBS Plus Registration
11 Dental Therapist HND Plus Registration
12 Economist B. Sc. (Economics)
13 Education Officer B. Ed. or B. Sc. Ed. or B. Sc. or B. Tech Plus PGDE with TRCN
14 Engineers B. Eng or B. Tech (Civil or Electrical or Mechanical)
15 Lawyers LLB Plus BL
16 Medical Consultant MBBS Plus Fellowship Qualification
17 Medical Laboratory Scientist BMLS Plus Registration
18 Medical Laboratory Technician 3 Years Course in Medical Laboratory Science) Plus Registration
19 Medical Officer MBBS Plus House Job and NYSC
20 Medical Record Officer HND (Health Information Management) Plus Registration
21 Medical Record Technician 3 Years Course in Health Information Management Plus Registation
22 Nursing Officer B.Sc. (Nursing) Plus Registration
23 Optometrist MBBS
24 Pharmacist B.Sc. Pharmacy plus Registration
25 Pharmacist Technician 3 Years in Pharmacy Technician Plus Registratiion
26 Physiotherapist B. Sc. (Physiotherapy) Plus Registration
27 Programmer/Analyst B. Sc or B. Tech (Computer Science)
28 Quantity Surveyor B. Sc. or B. Tech (Quantity Surveying)
29 Radiographer B. Sc. or B. Tech (Radiography) Plus Registration
30 Scientific Officer B. Sc or B. Tech (Microbiology or Biochemistry or Biology)
31 Staff Nurse/Staff Midwife NRN or NRM Plus Registration with MNCN
32 Town Planner/Urban & Regional Planner B. Sc. or B. Tech (URP), BURP
33 Water Engr/Water Resources Engr B. Eng or B. Tech (Water Engineering or Water Resources Engineering)
34 X-Ray Technician Diploma (Radiography) Plus Registration



The vision of the Niger State Civil Service Commission is to recruit and sustain a credible civil service that shall guarantee professionalism and uphold good ethical standards for effective delivery to attain the state vision 3:20:20


The mission of the commission is to create and sustain the best civil that shall propel a transformation of the state to be one of the best economies in Nigeria(To be world class civil service).


Niger State Civil Service Commission

  • Beside Government House
  • Minna, Niger State, Nigeria
  • Phone :+2348035509854, +234707010013
  • Mail : [email protected]
How To Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should,

Application Deadline: (The portal is opened for a Week beginning from 21st March, 2021) 27th March, 2021.

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