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The authorities of the Joint District Church Councils of Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA); as well as its sons and daughters in Kwara State have noted with great displeasure the news going the rounds that ECWA has conceded to the directive of the Kwara State government by allowing the use of hijab in her schools with particular reference to ECWA Schools, Oja-Iya, Ilorin.


This news is completely misleading, untrue, indictive, and provocative. This is a mere propaganda! On Wednesday 17th March, 2021 after the Kwara State government had announced the re-opening of the 10 grant-aided mission schools in Ilorin; the Nigeria Christian Association (CAN) and proprietors of the schools considered the pronouncement unfair and so mobilized our members for a peaceful protest to the schools.


Surprisingly, some Muslims came and forcefully broke the chain used to lock the gates and brutally attacked our men manning the gate on peaceful protest. Many of our men sustained serious injuries. It was worse on Thursday 18th March 2021.


The ECWA members mounted the gate of the schools peacefully protesting against the use of hijab in ECWA Mission schools with placards and the Muslims in thousands came armed and brutalized tens of the ECWA members because we had no state protection during the peaceful protest. We know that Jesus Christ is the Captain of our struggle and He will surely fight for us over the injustice. If we cannot prevail with the arms of flesh we have the Everlasting arms of the ALMIGHTY GOD.


We would like to put the records straight by asserting that ECWA is totally against the use of hijab in our grant-aided mission schools. We wish to inform the general public that our initial concern was NOT the use of hijab. Our initial concern bothers on the ownership of the schools. Our contention is against the Kwara State government which allowed the Muslim groups which subtly introduced the issue of hijab to the case to distract us from our primary concern even while the matter is still pending in the Supreme Court.


The Kwara State government went on to make a pronouncement on the matter even after the Supreme Court had served it an injunction to stay-action and allow the statuquo remain until the case has been determined by the court.


Following this backdrop, we consider the reopening of the 10 grand-aided mission schools and the permission to use hijab by the Kwara State government while the case is pending in the Supreme Court premature, ill-motived and a gross violation of the rule of law. We consider the action of the Kwara State government on this matter an injustice; and we would use every legitimate means to fight for our God-given property and heritage in Kwara State.


Once again, we want to use the opportunity of this platform to say to the Kwara State government that ECWA will NOT accept the use of hijab in her schools under any circumstances and our schools should be given back to us.



Yours faithfully,

Rev’d Dr. Vincent Akintunde,

Joint ECWA DCCs in Kwara State

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