The Zuri Training is a free beginner training for complete tech novices or beginners. Even though the brand is fairly new, it is being run by experienced individuals who have successfully done several similar programs in the past. And they have all come together to create this training, Zuri Training.



A Beginner Training For Complete Tech Novices Or Beginners. Our interest is in reaching as many people as possible who would normally not have access or funds to afford such training.


This is why our beginner training is completely free for the participants, and in fact, we do as much as we can to support the participants to remain in the program, we help them to overcome the usual challenges like funds, access to a computer, stable power and internet connection.


In this series of posts, we are going to attempt to give you a general overview of the program and help you understand what you should expect and what you’ll be bringing to the table.


At Zuri Training, you gain access to enough knowledge to introduce and aid your success in the tech industry.


The program is a 4-month long program aimed at getting you started in the industry.


We understand it is impossible to become an expert at anything in just 4 months.


However, we promise to give you everything you need to get started, such as;


  • Fully Remote
  • 100% online classes available to anyone in the world
  • Hands-on Experience


We don’t just teach you theory, we show you how to build things


  • Collaborative Learning
  • We connect you with like minds to grow together
  • Real-life Projects
  • We give CV worthy projects to help you hit the ground running
  • Beginner Friendly
  • We provide step-by-step procedures on how to get things done
  • Mentorship
  • During and after the program you have access to experience seniors


Frontend Development

This track deals with the aspect of your application that the users interact with. A front-end developer will be able to correctly interpret a given design to the user interface.

HTML | CSS | Javascript


Backend Development

This track deals with the aspect of the application the user does not directly interact with. It allows the frontend function either by running some back-end code or connecting to the database.


PHP | Python | JavaScript



This track deals with creating a graphic plan for an application. You will learn to convert project documentation into viewable and understandable graphic design for the developers to work with

UI | UX | Graphics Design


Mobile Development

The mobile track contains a list of tools and languages needed for a developer to create mobile applications. A mobile application can be IOS or Android.

Java | Flutter | Kotlin



The cloud track is an extension of the backend track. It involves cloud tools that’ll allow the participant to develop in the cloud using AWS or Azure cloud services


AWS | Azure


During the program we will be exploring several useful frameworks to give you an edge in the industry and help you develop complex applications much faster

Laravel | ReactJS | Django




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