Do you have a good idea for how to improve life in your community?



The Ambassador’s Special Self Help Program provides grants to assist small-scale community devt projects that improve basic economic or social conditions at the village level.


The Ambassador’s Special Self Help (ASSH) program is a grassroots assistance program that funds grants for small development activities that generate public awareness of U.S. foreign assistance efforts which fall outside the structure of other established U.S. assistance projects.


The program is intended to be flexible and allow the Ambassador to respond directly to requests from local communities for assistance with projects that have immediate impact, and further Mission priorities. Equally important, the Special Self-Help program is structured to encourage communities to be self-reliant and undertake similar activities on their own in the future.


We are now accepting applications for the ASSH program. The application package instructions are described in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) below.


How To Apply


Interested candidates should,

Download Here and Apply


The Ambassador’s Special Self Help Notice of Funding Opportunity (PDF 874KB)

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