Nigerians have launched two radio stations to bypass the NBC regulations that have made it difficult for traditional radio stations to give updates on the #EndSARS movement.

Soro Soke and Radio Isiaq were launched on Saturday to sensitise the public on the objectives of the protests and give nationwide updates on happenings across protest locations. They will be broadcasting online via their respective websites.

On Saturday, members of the movement also launched a contact and rapid response call centre to provide immediate assistance to protesters in time of distress.

Nigerians worldwide continue to match unanimously against brutality and a holistic police reform.

At least ten protesters have been killed in the protest that began 10 days ago, Amnesty International found. The government has been trying to resolve the crisis, including abolishing the brutal police unit SARS, but protesters say they want investigation of previous cases and justice for victims

Nigerians worldwide continue to march unanimously against brutality while also seeking holistic police reform.

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