God’s Grand Stories


When you move in life, you come to meet with different challenges.

In the church God had placed us at a particular time, we were faced with the challenge of having a new church building. The church building was actually old. It is located in the east.

So, my challenge was how to get money for the project; I am not even from the East neither do I know anyone who could support the project.

However, we set out to do the project, while trusting God. God in his infinite mercy started bringing people our way and in the process, a man who is not from the East came our way. Our church building is a very gigantic one, so there was this challenge of where to get money for the roofing.

This man came and said we should do the analysis of all the wood that we would use for the furniture work. The wood was to cost about 1 million naira then. This man paid for it and also paid for the workmanship of N350, 000. People from outside the church also started coming to support the project. We also got to know a respected traditional ruler from the East, who came to the church and decided to support the project too. God was really faithful. When it seems we are challenged, God is always challenging our challenges.

What Can’t God Do?
Remember, things that are impossible with man are possible with God.

Your miracle is the next!

However, no one accesses/goes to the father (God) except through his son (Jesus Christ). Make a decision to follow Jesus today. Connect to the Supernatural God to experience his wonderful Acts. Please, feel free to share the testimonies of God’s wonders in your life, please send them to [email protected] or send it via WhatsApp to +234 7063091121. You can also record an audio of your testimony and send it to us on WhatsApp, if you can’t scribble it down because of your schedule.

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