God’s Grand Stories

Vol. 125.

Last Thursday is a day I will forever remember and appreciate God for. That day, my burden of many years was lifted.
We have been having serious issues with one of in-laws for more than 5 years.

There was nothing we didn’t do to settle the issues, including involving pastors and family members, but to no avail. The crisis got to a head that our in-law stopped picking our calls and made sure we didn’t have access to the kids. If you ask her what we did, you cannot pin point what exactly our offense was, but our in-law rebuffed all entreaties and decided to cut us off, shortly after we lost her husband (our brother).

There’s no day I don’t pray about the issue. In fact, I always do not want to think about it, as it moves me to tears.

However, on Thursday, one of siblings prayed and after praying decided to call our in-law. She then said we should put everything in the past and forge on. I thank God who intervened on our behalf.

I’m sharing this testimony because I believe that God who has started a good thing will perfect it in Jesus name.

Please, never stop praying and believing God for a change in that situation.

What Can’t God Do?

Remember, things that are impossible with man are possible with God.

Your miracle is the next!

However, no one accesses/goes to the father (God) except through his son (Jesus Christ). Make a decision to follow Jesus today. Connect to the Supernatural God to experience his wonderful Acts.

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