God’s Grand Stories

Vol. 120.

Some weeks ago, one of siblings was sick. Initially, the complain/symptom was headache, which she started complaining of, a day after attending a public function. So, we all thought it would just go, after taking some rest, but it took a different turn. For few days, she couldn’t sleep, as she kept complaining of severe headache. Then, early in the morning on the third day, I got a call, asking me to join other members of the family as they were about to rush her to the hospital.

However, shortly before taking her to the hospital, a Pastor friend was invited by her to go and pray. The Pastor himself had called very early that morning, asking that he would come and organize a prayer session, as he had revelation of how she had been attacked by forces of darkness.

The Pastor thereafter joined us in the house and took some time to offer special prayers.
I actually joined in the prayers and was just watching all that the Pastor was doing. As he was about to finish the prayers, the Pastor beckoned to me to round off the prayers.

I was at this point led to make a positive declaration by faith. So, I declared in Jesus name that things would take a positive turn and that she would receive instant healing before a particular time of the day.
I just declared it and knew God would perform it.

Meanwhile, the Pastor had started suggesting some old testament ‘rituals’ which I didn’t agree with, but I knew it wouldn’t get to that level.

To the glory of God, her health improved tremendously by the time I declared and today, she’s hale and hearty.

When we exercise our authority as believers, God steps in to honour himself and his name.

To God alone be the glory.

What Can’t God Do?*
Remember, things that are impossible with man are possible with God.

Your miracle is the next!

However, no one accesses/goes to the father (God) except through his son (Jesus Christ). Make a decision to follow Jesus today. Connect to the Supernatural God to experience his wonderful Acts.

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