God’s Grand Stories

Vol. 119.

The Lord has always been faithful in protecting me and my loved ones from evil. Recently I was travelling to Lagos from my base.

I was seated in the front with the driver while two women who we had ‘lifted’ were at the back. As we gained speed on the highway, we suddenly started hearing a funny noise emanating from the front part of the car. We parked to inspect the car and detect the cause of the noise. I thought the noise was coming from the front wheel but the driver thought it was the radiator fan that got hooked. We set off again moving slowly to be able to get to a place where my mechanic/auto electrician can be called upon. But, the noise increased. Our suspicion of the fault being from the front wheels was strengthened.

So, we parked and inspected the tyres. Lo and behold all the ten bolts of the two front tyres were already loose. The tyres were coming off. If the front tyres had come off on speed, it would have been disastrous. It was baffling how the ten bolts would have been loose at the same time. The tyres were not loosened recently. It must have been an act of sabotage or an attempted theft.

I am most grateful to God for divine protection and for defeating the counsel of the wicked over my life.

What Can’t God Do?

Remember, things that are impossible with man are possible with God.

Your miracle is the next!

However, no one accesses/goes to the father (God) except through his son (Jesus Christ). Make a decision to follow Jesus today. Connect to the Supernatural God to experience his wonderful Acts.

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