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Popular Kwara fuji Musician Maroof Adebayo aka Marufu Ajulo was accused of Raping 15-year-old girl.

Sahara Reporters reports that the 15-year-old young lady who sells snacks for her

mom, claimed that she was baited into a room by the artist who purportedly overwhelmed her and afterward assaulted her. 

In a video gotten by SaharaReporters, the little youngster while describing what supposedly occurred among her and the artist said; 

“On May 31, 2020, I went to bird of prey and he purchased things worth N300 and advised me to return for the cash. 

At the point when I arrived, I met him in his significant other’s room; he went into another room and requested that I come inside. I let him know no however he demanded that I come in, saying he can’t hurt me and that we were not aliens to one another. 

He said he saw that I have a challenge in school and he will support me and get me a telephone today. He inquired as to whether I am a virgin and I revealed to him yes. He inquired as to whether I am lying, I said no, that I am a virgin. He shut the entryway and pushed me to the bed. He assaulted me and keeping in mind that I yelled, no one came out. He tore my fabric by the side and had intercourse with me. 

“I cried and went out. His wife asked me what occurred and I disclosed to her that her husband assaulted me. She beseeched me and requested that I keep it as a mystery and that is the manner by which her significant other does.” 

As indicated by the reports, inhabitants of the zone said the artist was famous for propagating the detestable demonstration in various networks in Offa and Oyun nearby local government areas. 

“Previously, he is accounted for to have had major issues with law authorization offices over comparative cases, some of which had prompted his detainment at the state’s restorative offices.”

He assaulted a 15-year-old young lady in 2011, he constrained the young lady to play with his penis while he recorded her. 

The issue is at the station yet loved ones swayed the casualty’s mom to drop the issue,” one of Adebayo’s neighbors revealed to Sahara Reporters. 

When reached, Adebayo denied the claim, saying he didn’t assault the young lady. He said that however he was separated from everyone else with the young lady in a room, he didn’t attack or assault her. 

“I purchased puff-puff from her, I had N1,000 and advised her to return for her cash. At the point when she returned, I was in a room and advised her to come and meet me. At the point when she entered, she said she required a telephone and I gave her one yet she said she doesn’t care for it. She left distinctly to return with her sister and mom who blamed me for assaulting her.” 

Adebayo has been captured and is being kept at the Kwara Police Command in Ilorin, the state capital. 

Affirming the occurrence, the representative of the Kwara state police order, Ajayi Okasanmi, said the police had started examination concerning the case. 

“The police is very mindful of the case, the Commissioner of Police has requested a watchful examination of the issue” he said.

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