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Just 12 Nigerian Universities have endorsement to work both ordinary learning and Open and Distance learning (ODL), National Universities Commission (NUC) has said. 

The 12 were given ‘ordinary’ licenses to work a double mode framework up close and personal learning in the homeroom and furthermore the open distant learning. 

NUC likewise said just a couple of these universities can run a productive web based learning stage. 

The commission said there is a major contrast between internet learning, and open and distant learning. 

Distant and Open learning is a strategy for concentrating where talks are communicated or exercises are led by correspondence without the need to go to a school or school. 

Since the appearance of the web, distant learning has additionally incorporated the utilization of the web as most understudies get and compose their assessments on the web. 

Double mode alludes to colleges that can give directions in the regular study hall that is up close and personal, and it can likewise give guidelines on open and separation learning,. Distant learning utilizes mixed media, and afterward it utilizes on the web. 

Out of the 43 government Universities, nine were offered licenses to run both customary and ODL focuses in Nigeria. 

Two state universities were authorized to work both ordinary and ODL focuses out of the 48 states colleges, and one private university out of the 79 private colleges was given the permit to work the double mode framework. 

The 12 colleges authorized for both ordinary and ODL are: 

Ahmadu Bello University – Federal University 

University of Abuja – Federal University 

University of Maiduguri – Federal University 

Modibo Adama University of Technology – Federal University 

Obafemi Awolowo University – Federal University 

University of Lagos – Federal University 

University of Ibadan – Federal University 

University of Nigeria – Federal University 

Government University of Technology, Minna – Federal University 

Lagos State University – State University 

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology – State University 

Joseph Ayo Babalola University-Private University 

National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) works a ‘uni-mode learning framework’. 

A uni-mode framework basically implies that the NOUN can just work through the open and distant learning mode. The institution was not allowed the permit to work double mode like the other 12.

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