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An Entertainer, Foluke Daramola-Salako who pioneers Passion Against Rape and Abuse Africa, PARAA, said about 75% of assault cases being dealt with by her association were executed by Religious Leaders 

During and meeting with Funmi Iyanda, Foluke Daramola-Salako who uncovered she was assaulted by an occupant at 17 years old, said; 

“75% of the cases I have on my table are from religious leaders, and a great deal of time, we don’t get as far as possible of it, since when we start, the family would come and reveal to us we should leave the religious leaders to God.”. 

Talking on whether profane dressing was answerable for the quantity of assault cases, she said; 

“Nothing pulls in assault, it is an indication of shortcoming. For what reason do they assault minors, young people, and even elderly people ladies, is that additionally about disgusting dressing? 

You scarcely discover assault arguments against young ladies aside from rapes and maltreatment in working environments, we discover it for the most part among babies, children, youngsters, and old ladies, why you are presently disclosing to me it is profane dressing? Furthermore, we are not animals.” she said

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