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Nigerian Afrobeat musician, singer,
songwriter, and percussionist, Bisola Ologunde widely known as Lagbaja, has continued to receive accolades and praises from notable Nigerians and fans on social media on his 60th birthday, today.

Many have flooded their respective pages on different social media platforms with pictures of the music icon while wishing him a happy birthday and many more years.
Former Nigerian vice-president and presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, also joined the host of others to celebrate the music legend on this special occasion.
60th birthday greetings to ‘omo baba muko muko’, the masked one who was #COVID19-proof long before this season. I wish you many more years in strength and good health. -AA pic.twitter.com/28c58p8xu2

— Atiku Abubakar (@atiku) May 19, 2020

The ex-VP in a post shared on his official Twitter page had remarkable words to describe Lagbaja as he commemorated with him on his special day.

Atiku noted that Lagbaja has always been ahead of the rest of the world due to his signature style of rocking a face mask and never revealing his true identity.
“60th birthday greetings to ‘omo baba muko muko’, the masked one who was #COVID19-proof long before this season. I wish you many more years in strength and good health,” the former VP wrote.
Lagbaja is well known for his signature use of mask which covers his identity. He came into limelight after he released his national acclaim debut album titled “Lagbaja” in 1993, the album received a lot of airplay all over the country. He went on to release “Ikira” in 1993 and Cest un African Thing” in 1996.
His groovy fusion has been referred to as Afrojazz, Afrobeat, Higherlife, and Afropop until now that he himself has christened the music Africano, alluding mostly to the central role of African drums and grooves in his music.

 In March 1997, he established his club called “Motherlan” in the heart of Ikeja in Lagos. It was influenced by the traditional African town or market square, where people gather under the moonlight for ceremonies and artistic events like dance, music, and storytelling.

In 2006, Lagbaja received a Channel O music award for the best make a video for the single track; “Never Far Away”.

Some of his notable songs include; Side by Side, Simple Yes or No, Nothing for You, Me and You’ Be Enemy (We Be Family), Africalypso, Vernacular, Suuru Lere, Konko Below, Gra Gra, Feyin E, Coolu Temper, Redemption Song among others.

Happy 60th Birthday to Legendary Lagbaja Omo Tamedo.

What are your favorite songs of Lagbaja?

Baby Tàni Ko Fẹ Wa
Fẹyin Ẹ
200 Million Mumu
Never Far Away
Gra Gra
Akebaje and many more. Mention yours. pic.twitter.com/U6lahmAAHt

— Táíwò Àlàbí HO2/ #COVID19 (@taiwoalabiho2) May 19, 2020

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