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The Director General of NCDC, Chikwe

Ihekweazu  while answering questions at the Presidential Task Force Briefing answered questions concerning difference between the Coronavirus and Malaria

Question at the PTF daily briefing: 
“People want to know, what is the difference between Covid-19 and malaria? Since some recovered patients are saying the drugs they received during treatment are malaria-related.”
1. There’s no treatment for Covid; what clinicians do is MANAGE SYMPTOMS so the body can recover as quickly as possible.
2. You can have both Malaria and Covid-19; that you have Covid-19 doesn’t prevent you from having Malaria at the same time.
National Coordinator of PTF, 
@DrSaniAliyu also said “The symptoms of Malaria and Covid-19 can be very similar, but the two are VERY DIFFERENT illnesses”.

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