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Kwara State Government hereby announces the death of a COVID-19 case. The fellow had recently arrived Kwara from Lagos with his wife and a child shortly after he suffered stroke at his Lagos base. Before his death, the government had treated him, his wife and their child as suspected cases and samples were taken from them. The results of their samples came back positive. 
Unfortunately, he died early Saturday morning even before the family got to know about their Covid-19 status. He has been buried accordingly. Everyone involved in the burial has now had their samples taken. Because of the peculiarity of this development, the Rapid Response Team has moved in to bring all those involved into the isolation centre, including the wife and the child.
We pray to God to repose his soul. We urge citizens to see COVID-19 for what it is: a deadly and highly contagious virus that requires adherence to all safety protocols, including obeying the lockdown order. We repeat that there is no shame or blame in contracting the virus as this is a global pandemic from which no one is immune. 
We commiserate with his family on this painful development while also wishing all of our patients quick recovery.
The government also announces seven new positive cases of COVID-19 from amongst those who sneaked into the state from the northwestern axis of the country.
All active cases are however, asymptomatic.

#Covid19KwaraUpdate: 9th May, 2020 | 10:00pm

– 7 new cases of #Covid_19 confirmed

– No. of Death : 1 https://t.co/0Gt8WxrZw1 pic.twitter.com/Fc8zkrv58p

— Kwara State Government (@kwaragovt) May 9, 2020

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