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Pa Olasupo, a resident of Osogbo, Osun State, has begged the police to keep his son in a correctional centre as long as necessary after allegedly stabbing a neighbour with a knife.
Oladimeji Supo, 37, was ordered to be remanded following his arraignment on Wednesday for assault and theft before a Magistrates’ Court sitting in Osogbo.
Please keep my son in prison, father begs police. Pa Olasupo, on the court premises, said his son was very tempestuous and given to violence.
He said, “I have sacrificed a lot for him. The court has done what is right. I am not interested in his bail.
Enough is enough. I have gone to so many places to rescue him anytime he ran into trouble. 
The Police should keep him in the cell as long they want.”

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