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Dr Francis Faduyile, President of the Nigerian Medical Association, this evening revealed that over 150 Nigerian health workers are currently infected with the novel Coronavirus.
Faduyile feared that some states might run into crisis if this trend of doctors getting infected continues.
Speaking when he appeared on Channels TV this evening, Faduyile said
”We have over 150 health workers who are infected. Recently, in one department in Kano, about 20 doctors were infected and some commensurate number of nurses.
After testing in  the teaching hospital, they have up to 30 doctors that are infected.
For example in Zamfara, the state government has about 29 doctors. By the time you have 5 or ten of them coming down with COVID19, you know they will have crisis.
What we are saying is get PPE for them, train them properly so that we can give the best treatment to our patients.” he said

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