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Bishop David Oyedepo, Presiding  Bishop,

Living Faith Church Worldwide, has reacted to move to re-open churches and mosques across the nation.

Oyedepo, in a programme on Saturday said 21 States in the federation had agreed to re-open churches and mosques, saying it was a welcome development.
He said other remaining states had no choice than to follow the footsteps of others.
“21 states are open to worship, the other ones have no choice. They should just know that they have no choice. Trump had declared places of worship open across the US. That is how God has been humiliating this noisome pestilence,” he said.
Oyedepo predicted that very shortly, every part of the world would totally be free from Coronavirus, as the fear of the pestilence would go into oblivion.
Watch out, very shortly, every part of the world will be totally free. The fear of this noisome pestilence will go into oblivion. In one hour, all the bragging of Babylon was done. Judgment has come down on Coronavirus, its threat is over.
“The fear of it is off the sons of men. Every victim of this noisome pestilence is declared liberated today, Nigeria is free from the fear and torment of Coronavirus,” he said.

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