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A 26-year-old man, Ebenezer Nana Bonsu, has assaulted his 3-year-old son for bed-wetting and stubbornness.

PARADISE NEWS learnt that the incident happened in Ghana and the Ghanaian police has arrested the young dad.
According to local media, Bonsu and his wife live apart when he gruesomely disfigured the body of his son using a cane and a wire.
The boy lived with his mum until in April this year when she took him to spend time with his father and also celebrate his 3rd birthday.
“The constant abuse the boy suffered in the hands of his father pushed a neighbour to alert his mother who came immediately to pick up her child. She and other neighbours were shocked to see what the man had done to the little boy.
The man was arrested while the little boy was taken to the Manhyia Hospital in Kumasi where he is currently receiving treatment”, a source said.
It was also learnt that Ebenezer was arraigned before a Ghanaian court on Thursday for assault and causing harm to a child.
He pleaded innocent, adding that, “my actions were only to discipline his son”.
His lawyer put forward a bail for his release because he had been in police custody since his actions against his son was reported to the police.

This plea was objected to by the Prosecutor, Inspector Regina Oparebea Amoako, who stated that the suspect would be a threat to the mother and the victim.
The judge granted him bail and refused to remand him in custody due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
His trial will commence on May 21, 2020.

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