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The Emmanuel Baptist Church Sabo-Oke, Ilorin, Kwara State has contributed immensely to the people in it’s environs in this Lockdown period as stated by the Church Under Shepard Rev. Dr. S. Olawuyi James in a social media handle which state thus;

“Dear In Christ,
Today, as part of our social responsibility we went to Sabo-Oke community to distribute food. We  were able to reach 250 people.”

“My experience before are after the distribution is pathetic and a lifetime hurting experience.
The hunger in the land is great, the frustration is unimaginable.
For days now and today in particular people and members continue to beg us for food. Some sit at gate and refuse to go for hours.”

“We must pray, we must act, we must appeal to government to help the masses before things get out hand.”

“My heart bleed for the masses, helpless and hopeless like sheep without Shepherd.
Calls and cry from helpless members and citizens keeps coming. What again can we do at such a time like this!”

“I challenged all privilege members to please do something for their immediate community.
You can also join EMBC COVID-19 Kingdom Partner.”

He concluded by saying, “Surely, the hour of darkness will be over and we will be remembered for what we have done.”

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